May. 25th, 2006

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I know, I know, you're sick of hearing about roller derby. But really, I promise, if you haven't seen it yet, or even if you have made one or both of our first two bouts, you are not going to want to miss this next one. My team (The Take-Outs) is currently undefeated, as is the team we are playing (The Band of Brawlers). And the two teams that haven't won yet (Blackeye Bullies and Sprockettes) are out for blood in getting their first win.

Seriously, if you haven't come yet, you don't know what you're missing. Take it from my grandma, who came to Mother's Day Massacre and said, "We had a blast!"

The details:
D-Day: Sunday, June 4
Battelle Hall in the Columbus Convention Center
Blackeye Bullies v. Sprockettes
The Take-Outs v. Band of Brawlers
Intermission entertainment is jam skating (Kind of like hip-hop and break dancing on skates!)
DJ'd by DJ Moxy and DJ Kevy Kev
doors at 5 pm, first bout starts at 6
Yes, indeed, they serve beer. And cotton candy and dippin' dots, among other carnival-esque food treats.

Tickets are $15 at the door, or $10 in advance, from Piercology, , or, if you are someone I know in person, get them from yours truly. Just let me know how many you need and I'll pick them up at practice.

Come support The Take-Outs!!

Alli Catraz


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