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Birthdate:Aug 17
Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
Website:Knitting Blog
I have a Knitting Blog with its own syndication feed here on LJ.

I founded the Downtown Columbus Stitch n' Bitch and am a skater for the Ohio Roller Girls roller derby league.

I have a real job too, but I don't let that define me too much.

Interests (148):

abstract art, aimee mann, amy rigby, ani difranco, arrested development, art, art deco, art films, as byatt, beading, beadwork, being a geek, being a girl, beth orton, bisexuality, bjork, body piercing, book clubs, books, bowling, bubble baths, bust, carol shields, cat power, chickrock, childfree, chococat, collage art, collecting hobbies, columbus, columbus ohio, craftiness, david sedaris, denison, denison university, domesticity, dreamweaver, drexel, drexel theatre, edith wharton, erotica, ewan mcgregor, fashion, female singers, feminism, fiction, fiestaware, folk music, gardening, girl bands, girl geeks, hatha yoga, henry james, herbalism, herbs, holly golightly, indian food, indie films, indie rock, interpol, ipod, iron chef family dinner, jane austen, java, jeffrey eugenides, jen trynin, jill sobule, jonatha brooke, julia alvarez, juliana hatfield, kate spade, knitting, kripalu, lucinda williams, macromedia, maggie estep, marc jacobs, margaret atwood, mazzy star, meditation, movies, music, nanowrimo, neko case,, nick hornby, ohio roller girls, peter greenaway, photography, piano, pj harvey, plants, poetry, pof, pop art, portishead, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rasputina, reading, repetitive stress injuries, roller blading, roller derby, roller skating, rufus wainwright, sally potter, sandra tsing loh, sanrio, sassy, seattle, sewing, sex and the city, shoes, singer-songwriters, sofia coppola, sugarcubes, sushi, sylvia plath, tattoos, tea, the ravonettes, the wrecking ball, thrift stores, tin house, tofu, tori amos, travel, veda hille, veganism, vegetarian cooking, vegetarianism, victorian novels, virginia woolf, web design, web usability, wilkie collins, wine, wombabes, wombats, women's health, word games, words, writing, xslt, yoga, yoga on high, zach braff, zadie smith
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