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I think I'm eternally doomed to know/date people who become famous, at least tangentially.

First, we had the editor ex, who popped up here a few months back, then there's my friend Rob who is a TV writer now, etc. etc. And the icing on the cake, my college bf, who got discovered as a model and worked the runways in Tokyo, Milan, New York and elsewhere, and who graced the pages of GQ and Details and the like in Prada ads a couple of years ago.

I just found him on myspace, where he also has a band/. They seem to be legit--have played both Knitting Factory and CBGBs.

I'm glad for him, but I hope all this fame around me isn't ruining my own odds of success. *

*Not that I equate fame with success by any means, but you know, I just wonder if being associated with successful people has any bearing on one's own possibilities for similar success. Like how I think it would be impossible for me to become a pop star with my own name, because there's a particularly skanky one with the same last name as me already. Not that I sing, but ....I'm babbling.
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I'm really pissed off. Someone in the endocrinologist's office called me yesterday with my Vitamin D test results. Of course, she didn't leave the results on my cell phone, and I can't get reception on it in the office. And she didn't call my office phone. So I called her back 5 minutes after she called. They said she'd gone to lunch, and would have her call me back. At 4 pm, I still didn't have a call, so I called again. Here's how that went:

Bitchy receptionist: She's gone for the day.
Me: Is there anyone else who could give me those results.
BR: She's gone for the day.
Me: I'm sorry, is there anyone else who could give me the results.
BR: Please hold.

So then I ended up on hold with a ringing phone for another five minutes before I hung up.

I called back this morning. I got put on hold three times. The phone would go dead for about 3 minutes, then would ring me back to the main receptionist. The third time when she asked me to hold, I said "I've been on hold for 10 minutes." I told her who I needed to speak with and indicated I needed the results before my doctor's appt today and that I'd been calling since yesterday. She took down my info and said she'd pass a message "back to the back." Great. That gives me utter confidence that I'll hear back in about a year.

What. the. hell. This is the same doctor who pissed me off by starting to talk about egg donation after she diagnosed me and argued with me when I said I didn't particularly want kids. And the same office that failed to get my records to the doctor they referred me to despite having three weeks to do so. I have not been impressed. I realize they are busy, but I don't particularly like being given the run around like this with information about my body!!!
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1. With my cardigan off, you can see my entire tattoo through the back of my blouse. Oops.

2. The polka dots on said blouse exactly match the polka dots on my undies.

I had no idea I was so coordinated.
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My roommate and his boyfriend are taunting me from the kitchen where they are boiling fish heads.

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OK. This is just weird.

After having seen the arch-rival last night (and honestly, that's not a good description of our relationship, just the easiest way to encapsulate it in two words) I decided to look up her blog this afternoon. I found it a few months ago, and have been reading it sporadically.

A post from a few weeks ago indicated she'd gotten work accepted into a literary magazine. My favorite literary magazine. The one that I've subscribed to forever, and then one day, opened it up to find a familar name in the masthead. Coincidentally, the name of the boy we both dated, who works there now as an associate editor.

What on earth is the universe trying to tell me???


Sep. 8th, 2003 07:08 pm
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I had a piece of paper in the car with me this weekend (actually the sound instructions from the drive-in last weekend) and I scribbled all kinds of stuff on it to remember for stories and such. In no particular order:

Get a CD player in your car. The radio north of Columbus sucks. I finally heard "Magic Stick" though. Ick. It was so bad, that I was thrilled when a J. Lo song came on because I knew the words. Thank you, Union Station.

Random scary snippet from the Christian Rock station as I was scanning stations: "I am a soldier in the Army of the Lord." Uh, yeah.

Studio360--I need to petition the local NPR affiliate to carry this show. Both times I've driven to Cleveland this year, I've caught this show, and loved it. I think it's a little better than This American Life.

Tidbits from today:

Driving home from work, saw a tow-truck with "I love you!" written in lipstick on the driver's side mirror.

Calling to activate a credit card, the automated voice used the phrase "Personalized PIN" after explaining that PIN means "Personalized Identification Number." Um, OK. That's even more bizarre than "PIN Number" I think.

I need to start typing in my little conversational tidbits too from this story idea that's in my head. I want to write the non-saccharine romantic comedy. I have no idea why.

The doc gave me a scrip for Vioxx today to replace the Celebrex that did not make my stomach happy. We'll see how this works. I have to fill it via mail order, so I won't have it for a couple of days yet. I also decided not to even mess with the Imitrex tabs anymore, because they do nothing, so I just went with the icky tasting nasal spray. At least it works!!!
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I'm so thrilled with myself right now. Not only did I get the sink unclogged, but I'm ripping through the dirty dishes like nobody's business. If I get the garage sale stuff unloaded from the car today too, I think the whole planet may actually explode. So maybe I shouldn't risk it.

I did give myself a crappy errand to run, and it means going back to Easton again. Grrr...I bought this lip gloss that I love (Stila) but the color is atrocious! It's called "plum shine" which I thought was going to be this delightful sheer purplish color. But no. It's more of an "Amy trying to be goth circa 1992" color. Not my look right now. So that's going to get returned.

I decided to let myself sleep in as long as I wanted this morning. BestFriend came over last night to drop off a couple of pounds of tomatoes, and we ended up drinking tea and chatting for a while, so I didn't get to bed as early as I'd intended. But this morning, I was awakened at 9:30 by the phone. It was STS. I didn't pick it up, but when I finally got out of bed (after noon....oops!) and checked the voicemail, it was him calling for outfit advice regarding what he should wear to walk down the red carpet at the Emmy's. For real. I just talked to him a little bit ago, and it seems he and I. bid on an all-expenses paid trip to the Emmy's in a charity auction at some party last night and they won, so they are going. How weird. They also adopted two puppies at the event, bringing their dog total to 4. One Rottweiler, one mixed breed with the tail from hell, and 2 Labrador/Irish Setter mixes. They're making it harder and harder for me to come over to visit, I swear.

I'm working on yet another migraine right now. I should have taken some medicine a while ago, but decided to attack it with caffeine instead. When will I learn that this rarely ever works? Yuck. In other ailment news, my entire body seems to be covered with bruises, including an awful one on my left elbow that makes leaning on it painful. I have no idea how I got them. This happens every so often to me, but I have no clue why. Guess I'll have to go to WebMD to diagnose myself with some new disease. I'm such a hypochondriac.

It's off to do the laundry now, so that I actually have something normal looking to wear to work tomorrow. Though I did get this kick ass peasant skirt at TJ Maxx yesterday for $6.00. I had tried it on last year at Express, but didn't want to spend $60.00 on something so froufy looking. For $6.00 I couldn't pass it up though. So tomorrow will be a girly day. I should take bets on how long it takes one of the programmers to say, "Hey, you're dressed up today!" since that happens every single time I wear a skirt, even if I'm wearing it with a T-shirt and sneakers.

I will probably have fun laundromat stories to tell once I get back. Joy.
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OK. I've been writing this stuff at work because I'm bored and then waiting to post it until I get home because I'm afraid they'll see what I'm doing. Grrr....

Anyway. I've decided the whole using a pill to skip a period thing was not the greatest idea ever. I've had one level 8 migraine, a smaller one that I was able to head off and I'm working on a third right now. And I'm getting all those PMS symptoms that I've been lucky to miss for most of my life. Earlier this week, my breasts were enormous and painful. I mean like frickin' huge (Boywonder said he did not notice last night but I am not certain he's the best judge.) Not fun. And now I've got cramps and what I like to refer to as "wacky head." As in, I feel totally unable to interact with other people, and then when I do I overanalyze every word and gesture of a conversation. Turn it off, turn it off!!

My libido is out of control too. And who was it who was complaining about a lack of drive a few months ago? I should watch what I wish for.

The libido thing is definitely evident from the haikus that S, E, BestFriend and I have been writing regarding our plan to invite Rodney Yee to dinner. Examples here. )

Tonight will finally be the night I get some domestic chores done. I will hopefully find my film cartridges so I can go get the enlargements of my photos from Kripalu in February done. (Someday I will also scan and post these -- I got some pretty good shots.) I'm also meeting the girls at B's house to stuff her wedding invitations. I think I'm the only one who thinks this sounds fun though, so it may be a tense evening.

Tomorrow's a free ballet performance on the riverfront. I know B&J will be interested, but I'm wondering who else I can drag along. I'm hoping for a low-key not-too-late Friday night, so that the weekend can actually be productive.
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Okay. The yoga teacher warned us that we’d have weird dreams last night after all the opening we did in class. Mine weren’t that strange, but it was incredibly vivid. I was with a girl from work, and she was taking me into her dorm room to show me something out on her makeshift balcony (which I think was a reference to the pigeons on the balcony story from yoga class last night anyway). The dorm was on the farm I grew up on behind the barn. I don’t remember details, but it was a classic me dream, in that there was a lot of searching inside a building and traveling going on. I’ll have to look up what this stuff means when I get home this evening.

Tonight is a happy hour with S & E, etc. S&E have been trying for a few months now to fix me up with a friend of theirs who they used to work with. He is a nice guy, and very funny, but I think he would be so much better with BestFriend. He’s just not my type at all. The last couple times we’ve all been in a group together, he and BF have been in their own conversation anyway, so I’m not sure why they’re still trying with me. Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell them tonight to switch their tactics.

I’m going to have sore arms by the end of the day. I’m wearing my new “waitress dress” and I didn’t realize that the cap sleeves were going to restrict my movement so much but driving and typing are difficult.

Speaking of driving, mom just emailed to say that my sister wrecked her car….again. This is the third time, in the 2 years she’s had the car. And this one was her fault. So she won’t be in this weekend for my birthday. Maybe if I go up to the radiohead show later this month I’ll pop on up to Cleveland proper to see her.
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What a night. After what felt like the longest day ever at work--I spent all afternoon dousing my eyes with drops, because my contacts were sticking to my eyes as a result of staring at my monitor and cleaning up all this stupid xslt code by hand--I came home and decided to go for a jog. So I changed my clothes, put on my running shoes, and grabbed my house key, then headed for the park. After one lap, it was looking like rain, so I decided to come back a bit early. So I get home, with every intention of going inside, doing some yoga, then making dinner.

But, my key breaks off in the lock.

I didn't get that gut feeling of panic that I get when something is *really* wrong, but in the next thirty seconds I realized that my cell phone, spare keys, wallet, car keys, etc. were all in the apartment. And of course, being safe, I had closed the windows before I left.

So, no biggie I think, I'll just go across the street to B & J's and call BestFriend to bring the spare key.

B & J are not home.

Check watch--it's about 7:15. On the off chance that BestFriend is already home from work, I decide to walk down the street to her place, thinking that even if she's not home, I can use either her landlord's phone, or the phone of the girl I went to high school with who lives upstairs (long story for another day).

No one in the entire building is home. I secretly wish that BoyWonder had not bought a house and moved out of the neighborhood.

Since it is not yet raining (merely spitting), I decide that I will walk North on Neil. I have a general idea of where R. lives since he and BoyWonder moved out of their place, and figure that if I see his car, I will knock on all the doors in that building until I find him. If not, I can always walk to my landlord's house. A trek, but better than the couple miles to BestFriend's office, only to be seen sweaty and straggly by her cohorts.

So I walk on, managing to keep a positive enough mindset to note that I'm getting the motivation to keep working out that I'd lacked earlier.
Here comes the part where fate intervenes. I get to R's corner, and see his Volvo, Klaus III. I look up at the building to figure out how to get to his second floor apartment, and he is looking out the window. I wave and he comes down.

"Hey. I need to use your phone," I plead.

He grimaces. "Wouldn't that be nice?" he asks. Seems that stupid Ameritech has gotten his voicemail set up, but the phone line is inaccessible from the apartment. And he's switching cell carriers, so that's not even on.

He does, however, have 50 cents that has been unpacked, and after showing me around his new apartment (very very nice) sends me on the way to the pay phone on the corner where he has been making all of his calls.

I call BestFriend--she immediately gets in her car, without even asking how I have gotten locked out. I walk back to my place, and as the rain finally lets loose. I get back to my place, just as she gets there to let me in, and explain what happened. She is super-hungry and wants to go to Chipotle. I offer to buy her a burrito for her trouble, because I'd planned on going there for dinner anyway.

So I put on dry clothes, and off we went. A happy end to one of those stories that could only happen to me.

And now I'm off to put my new Swell sheets from Target on my bed. They are high thread count, and a delicate girlie pink. :-)


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