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I swear to you, I've clicked "Get Mail" about 40 times in the past hour. I am supposed to find out this weekend whether or not I am getting a pattern published in a forthcoming book by Amy Singer. I have no patience. But you knew that.

In other news, I am a cooking machine right now. I am making my ICFD dishes today since there will be three more people trying to cook in our kitchen tomorrow. So far, I have the carrot raita done, and am just waiting for the carrots to cool so they can be added to the yogurt. Then I'm making Moghlai chickpeas and an eggplant stew.

I am hoping to be able to do some wooing via stomach tomorrow. Don't want to say more for fear I jinx it.

I am also ignoring the trainwreck of a sweater that is in the next room. The SNB girls helped out immensely today with engineering and moral support, but this pattern is not good. I'm learning tons about making it work though. Still, I really just want to wear this sweater, and fear that global warming means we will never ever again have a day that requires a bulky weight wool comfy sweater. Not good.
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So, after I called the BMB Monday, he never called me back. I saw him Tuesday when I was grabbing to-go coffee, and he apologized for not calling back, saying he'd worked late at a private party of some friends' of his (which, I later recalled, I had found out that he was doing when I met them last week) and was going to be doing that again last night.

I still can't determine if he's trying to blow me off, or if he's trying not to. So, for the most part, I have resolved to give up the pursuit at this point.

Here's the thing though. A couple of people have said, "Maybe it's too much to hang out just by yourselves and you should invite him out with friends." I'm not so sure about that. But, a few of us are probably going out later tonight.

So here's a poll:
[Poll #650858]

Note: If I go for any of the options involving inviting him, this will be the last time I'm making a move if there's not a positive response. Period and end of story.
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Yesterday, I could not get out of bed because I was having one of those dreams that's just a variation of the same situation over and over. Basically, I was out in various Short North bars and in each one of them, the BMB came up to say hello, and stood there for a while with his arms around me, and then I would think "Squee! He's gonna kiss me!" And he never would.

My subconscious is just not all that subtle.

This morning's waking up dream was that I got a job offer out of the blue. Vogue Knitting needed an associate editor and they called me up and offered me the job. Problem was, it paid about 60% of my current salary. I was trying to figure out if I could get a part time job somewhere else and still take it. They told me I could stay in Columbus too because I was to be the editor at large. Ha.


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