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Jan. 12th, 2006 03:05 pm
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My friend B. and I saw Eve Ensler perform her new show "The Good Body" last night at OSU. Both of us are going through somewhat similar health crises so we thought a show about body image would be a good way for the two of us to decompress. Plus, she got cheap tickets. :-)

The show was awesome. Just a simple set, with photographic lights and a backdrop, a rack of garment bags, a table and chairs. She wore a black outfit that she could throw a scarf or jacket over to transform herself into the different characters, which included Helen Gurley Brown, Isabella Rosselini, an overweight teenager at fat camp, an Indian woman, a supermodel married to a plastic surgeon, etc.

We were both surprised there wasn't more about eating disorders in the content of the show, but she did tackle Botox and diets, vaginal "reconstruction" and obsessive exercise, etc, all of it within a recurring theme of how she was appalled at herself, as a radical feminist, for being so obsessed with her own hated body part: her stomach.

It's playing through Sunday for you Columbusites. For the rest of you, the show is on tour, with dates here.

Next up: I'm terribly excited that Christine Vachon is coming to the Wexner this month. I declared my desire to be her intern several years ago. Tomorrow they're showing two Todd Haynes movies, including "Poison," which I've never seen, and then next week she'll be on hand to introduce a film about Bettie Page. Yay!
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If it wasn't bad enough that I am hungover, I apparently have a cold/sinus thing too.

But last night was at least worth the hangover.

On Wednesday, [livejournal.com profile] automat76 texted me to see if I could help her pick up her car from the mechanic. We did that, then we decided to watch a movie (The Island--Ewan McGregor AND Scarlett Johannson -- eye candy galore!) which we didn't end up finishing until nearly 2 am. So I crashed down there, then got up, drove back to my place and was showered and out the door again before the roommates had even risen!

I left my new pearl ring, the one I bought myself at Winterfair, at her house though. So she brought it over last night after work, and suggested that we, along with [livejournal.com profile] spandita grab a drink at Blondie's. So we set out. Blondie's was closed, so we decided to go to Surly, as B&J had been texting me from there earlier. Alas, they were long gone, so we sat down for a beer (I have yet to have a bad beer from Bell's -- I got the Brown something this time). Then we decided to go down the street to Bodega, where there was some sort of 70s skating pre-party happening. The Stealthy Phone Number Guy was there, but I did not get a chance to say hello, what with dodging all the emo kids in short shorts. We had a drink there, then decided to go on our way once more, this time stopping at Havana. I haven't been to Havana since before STS and I moved away. Wow. How quickly we forget the strength of those cocktails.

We caught the tail end of a drag show, headed up by one Miss Nina West, who we all went to college with. That was cool. What's not cool. Deciding, after heading back to the car (after a stop for Hershey bars at UDF) to go back into Surly. We had a lovely dinner, and unfortunately, another round of drinks.

Yikes. I made it to work for 2 hours today, before I gave up, due to excessive post-nasal drip and general hangoverness. I think New Year's came early for me. Which is fine. I've been wanting to put this year to bed since August or so, and now that I have good work prospects, possible good boy prospects and friends who are behaving normally, I fully believe 2006 will be much better. Yay.
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Y'know, I have long had issues with the way our society/laws deal with the question of prostitution. I'm not totally convinced it should be criminal, and we certainly prosecute prostitutes and johns in very different ways, which I don't see as fair.

But the fact that local news stations are running a photo and divulging the name of a woman who has been previously arrested for prositution, and disclosing her positive HIV status because she's a "danger to the community"? WTF? How is that legal?

EDIT: I just emailed all four TV stations in Columbus (because they all have it on their website, or I saw it on their station last night) to express my displeasure at this. Grrrr...

EDIT again: Research:


On a quick perusal of these, it seems it's only illegal for a healthcare professional to disclose your status. Law enforcement and media seem to be able to do whatever. That last article is particularly pertinent to this situation. I still don't like it.
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We're one week from ComFest. A friend of mine counts it down every year in his blog/quotes messages. This quote sums up the experience perfectly:

"Comfest is at T-One Week. One week from today, for the course of a weekend, Paradise (though admittedly a drunken, stumbling, ‘Freebird’ shouting, off-key karaoke and air guitar kind of paradise that you would never invite home to meet your mother) comes to earth. You have been warned."

Yeah, that.
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A few weeks back, I noticed a "Found cat" sign on a pole near my house.
Here is the first one I saw )

Then I saw this corrected version(I had to photoshop this to "reenact" it, as the sign was gone when I got my camera out:

out come the grammar police )

What makes me giggle is not so much the fact that the original sign noted a *tiger* had been found, but that the corrected version had to go so far as to indicate the cat was "large," thereby justifying why the original sign mistook it for a tiger.

This probably isn't as funny anymore in the explanation. But for more fun photos of my neighborhood, go here. The turtle is my favorite.
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I'm a bit busier at work now, which makes for fewer updates. And makes the updates I do a mere smattering of miscellany.

On the Oscars: Boring boring boring. Good dresses, and boring.

I did not audition for the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice on Saturday. This is for the best, as it turned out that they had people lined up at 3 am since the Trump version was also auditioning. I had no intention of actually trying to get on the show, I merely wanted to go do a great Donna Reed hyperdomestic act and see what happened.

Now that the Circa site is up and running, I am free to work on the WittyKnits site that's in my head. So I drew up some sketches and maps earlier, and will be trying to get that up in the next few weeks/months. Also, since the yarn shop is apparently a no-go (in addition to Knitter's Mercantile opening a store, it seems the Wolfe space is still to be a shop--I've got no details beyond that)I'm also getting together my plan of attack for teaching/knitting parties. I'm going to apply to teach with the UA Lifelong Learning program. Any locals know of other places that might need a knitting instructor?

On the new Tori Amos album, The Beekeeper: eh. I hate to say it, but this one isn't grabbing me. Then again, I didn't like Boys for Pele when it came out, and it's my favorite of hers. It's not horrible, it's just not up to her standards. What I hate more though, is stupid music critics who suggest things like "motherhood has mellowed her out" or whatever. They'd never say that about a male musician, they'd just say "he's had a misstep" or something. Grrrrr.... I haven't gotten the DVD out yet though--perhaps there'll be some redemption there.

Getting closer on the homebuying front. We have one session left in my How to Buy a House class, which is the real estate attorney. So far we've had the realtors, a lender and a home inspector. It's not a lot of new info, but it's good to know I know what I'm doing. I think I've shelved the idea of a downtown condo, as anything with enough space/more than 1 BR is starting in the $260K range, which is well above my range. Not cool. I don't care if it's tax-abated, I can't swing that. So Clintonville/North Campus it will be for me, most likely. And I've found a few decently affordable things online, so I think it's do-able. I'll get pre-approved in the next couple weeks and pick a realtor and get things moving. As I told [livejournal.com profile] automat76 yesterday, it's possible that last year was my last Comfest as a local. Scary!

Finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time yesterday, just in time for book club next week. I liked this a lot, as I found myself identifying so much with the narrator. I do all these odd things that he does. And it spurred an obsessive bout of Minesweeper last night, as I tried desperately to beat his best time. No such luck. We also read (re-read for me) the Nick Hornby edited anthology, Speaking with the Angel, which I love. I need to skim over some of those stories again before Monday.

Knitting: I am plugging along on my sister's wedding gift, with 20 weeks and 18.5 afghan squares to go.

Here's the first completed one behind the cut )

That's a cable based on the DNA helix. And that popcorn stitch on the edges is addictive. Luckily the second square which I'm working on now also has it.

Also working on a cardigan for me (about 30% done), a hat for my mom's birthday that's coming out very cool (about 75% done), the second legwarmer for me. Starting soon: Bad penny (short sleeved raglan) for me and a lacey flower shawl for me. All for me!!

Tonight: Million Dollar Baby with B. This weekend: possibly a Joanna Newsom show Saturday, Stitch n' Bitch and much knitting.

Also need to figure out what to cook for ICFD: Foods on a stick battle. I wanna do something totally wacky, yet yummy.
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Put this on 2005's list of dumb things Amy has done:

This morning, about 11:30, [livejournal.com profile] automat76 and I went to Betty's to grab brunch. I dropped her off in front, then went over to the Mac's parking lot and parked the car. We had lunch, and as we were leaving around 12:45, I couldn't find my keys. Not in my purse, not in my pants or coat pockets, not inside at the table. I keep the valet key in my wallet, so I said "Let's see if they are in the car."

Which they were. BECAUSE THE CAR WAS STILL RUNNING! With the passenger side door unlocked no less.

I guess it proves how quiet my little civic still is, because neither of us heard it running when we walked up--I noticed it was running when I saw the fasten seatbelt light lit up.

And I also have to say that sometimes I worry that I rely on "intuition" (or whatever one might call it) a bit much. I never worry about things like lost keys, missing cell phones, waking up late, etc. unless I get a very particular tingle in the middle of my stomach. And I didn't get it today, which is why I suggested looking in the car for the keys. I've done this all my life, and wonder what I'll miss when it's finally wrong.
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I'm slacking on updating here since I've gotten a bit more work to do at work. Last week was a whirlwind of concerts and culture. So the reviews will follow.

Wednesday night was Jolie Holland at Little Brothers. If ever there was someone who just didn't look like that voice was going to come out of her, it's Jolie Holland. She was funny and sweet though, and the show was surprisingly full given that Wilco was playing up the street at the Wexner Center. She's kind of bluesy, with that every once in a while twang bit that satisfies my need to a tiny bit of country.

Thursday night was Low and Pedro the Lion. [livejournal.com profile] automat76 and I had it in our heads that Low was the opener but that was not so. The show was in what the call the "black box" in Mershon. Basically that meant they put a small stage on one end of the real stage in the auditorium, and left the curtain down and we all stood on the stage. Odd. Not my first choice of venue, but it wasn't bad. At least, when we all sat down for Low, that meant the floor was clean. Can't imagine doing that at Little Brothers or the Newport. Pedro was good--I'd heard absolutely nothing by them before so had no clue what to expect. I was shocked though at how many people left before Low started playing. The acoustics were way better than when we saw them in Newport, KY last year, so I enjoyed this set more I think.

Friday, watched The Saddest Music in the World. I'd heard some people rave about it, but wasn't quite prepared for the weirdness that is the beginning. I loved it though. We decided it's what would happen if David Lynch and John Waters had a love child. Plus, I love Isabella Rosselini.

Saturday, watched At Home at the End of the World. I hadn't read the book yet (but will now) and hadn't really heard anything about the movie except for the whole controversy about Colin Farrel's dangly bits, which didn't end up appearing in the final film. It's too bad that that kind of overtook all the talk about this movie because it's really good. Very well written and acted (Robin Wright Penn is really good) and a good story.

Sunday, went to the ballet -- Rendesvouz at the Riffe. Anyone here in C-bus, you should try to get to this one. It's a collection of 6 shorts. My favorites were the opener "Blue" and "Imposing" which was choreographed by one of the dancers who we on occasion hang out with at Mac's. It was set to Tango music and was very very cool. They did "Group Therapy" as the ending piece and I'd heard good things about that when they did it before, but it wasn't my thing. It was good, but a bit cutesy for me. They're doing The Firebird later this year at the Wex, and I've never seen it before. I must get tickets to that.

This week will hopefully be a little less wacky. I start my "How to Buy a Home" course through the Upper Arlington Parks & Rec department tomorrow evening. I'm also supposed to have my knitty submission in tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I have to put the collar on it still, and weave in ends, and sew on a fastener, and write out the pattern properly and take photos. Not sure that's going to happen. And ICFD: Wine is this weekend. I need to find a wine dish. I'm thinking ratatouille perhaps, but I'm not certain.
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Well, even with the best intentions I don't make the updates that I mean to. A few tidbits:

1. Saw the JavaMaster at Arts Fest holding hands with a girl with visible panty line. So that's a bust.

2. Ding Dong, the witch is really dead this time. She got fired about a week or two after I left the department. So now everyone is happy, and secure in their jobs.

3. Shows I hope to recap (though we've seen my track record thus far): Sonic Youth, Peter Gabriel. Missed Ani due to a severe hangover ComFest weekend (why do they put good shows that weekend? Oh yeah. 'Cause of the pride festival.)

4. Shows coming up: Tori again (though C-bus is one of the two dates with no Ben Folds! Poo!) Cirque du Soleil, Amy Rigby (this Sunday), the White Stripes. I love this summer!


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