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I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at some sort of camp or school or something. I'm not quite sure what it was, but it was definitely supposed to be educational and there were lots of kids about, including the son of a work friend of mine, who is about 5 years old. I was sitting in the classroom with the kids and the guy in charge was showing us a band that was in a room behind a glass window and they were about to play and needed a guitarist. My friend's son volunteered, went up to play and was quite good. I had just gotten up to go into the glass room (studio?) with him when a blonde man came in. It was Kurt Cobain. Seriously.

The head teacher guy was trying to get him to leave, and Kurt Cobain was kind of passively arguing to stay. I asked why he had to leave and the head guy said he was just there to make trouble, and that is "always happens like this." That's when I realized that not everyone knew he was there. I asked for a show of hands as to who thought we were arguing with a blonde man, and only one or two people raised their hands. None of the kids could see him. So I convinced the head guy to let him come in the glass room and watch the kids jam. This made him pretty happy (as happy as Kurt Cobain would get, I guess.)

The kids played a song, and then the apparent ghost of Kurt Cobain thanked me and left.

Really, really, weird.

This was arguably better than the two dreams I had last week about either working with or competing with Daniel V. from Project Runway. What's up with my subconscious and the cult of celebrity??
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Yesterday, I could not get out of bed because I was having one of those dreams that's just a variation of the same situation over and over. Basically, I was out in various Short North bars and in each one of them, the BMB came up to say hello, and stood there for a while with his arms around me, and then I would think "Squee! He's gonna kiss me!" And he never would.

My subconscious is just not all that subtle.

This morning's waking up dream was that I got a job offer out of the blue. Vogue Knitting needed an associate editor and they called me up and offered me the job. Problem was, it paid about 60% of my current salary. I was trying to figure out if I could get a part time job somewhere else and still take it. They told me I could stay in Columbus too because I was to be the editor at large. Ha.


Sep. 8th, 2003 09:40 am
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Friday -- the fish sickness. Don't care to repeat that.

Saturday -- Drove 3 hours to Cleveland Heights to B's bridal shower. There were only two of us from Columbus there, but luckily, I knew one of B's sisters already, and there was a friend of B's from high school who was fun too. Everyone else was family. All 50 of them. Stayed about 3 hours, did toilet paper bride and all that, and ate yummy food catered by Aladdin. Then drove 3 hours back. I did stop at the outlet malls near Akron, but only found a couple of things. Not like the shopping fest that ensued after my failed Jeopardy! audition last year. Watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Saturday night with [livejournal.com profile] automat76. I liked it, but was definitely not expecting the ending. Wow.

Sunday -- BestFriend and I went to the "tomato farm" and picked a few more pounds. Then we canned about 5 pints of salsa from all the cherry, orange, and yellow pear tomatoes. We still have probably 10 pounds of regular tomatoes left. I think we're going to try to can spaghetti sauce later in the week. I'm just glad we have pressure cookers now, because last year we did pickles and tomatoes with my water bath canner and that was a very long hot day.
Sunday night, went to [livejournal.com profile] yerpretty's friends house and had dinner. Super-yummy ratatouille. We shall have to determine whose friends are better cooks. This is going to be a tough one. Iron Chef ginger is next week, so perhaps that will be the deciding battle.

I had really screwy dreams last night. The first involved running into this guy from work and making him show me all the things he got his wife for her birthday. It was a little strange, because I felt like I was prying in the dream, but then he made me finish his shopping with him. I kept seeing people from high school in the mall.

Then, I was being honored in some way by the government (ok--not gonna happen). I was at this big ceremony, and all these governmental dignitaries and such were there in black suits, and we were standing on really steep risers on stage. I was right next to Shrubya, who was wearing no jacket, and no tie, just a rumpled dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I was very offended by this, especially when he started muttering under his breath about "too much ceremonial bullcrap in this job." Wow. I never want to dream about him again.

OK, back to the videos. Gotta get the headphones out and listen to the sound of my own voice again. Joy.
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Last night’s wacky dream: I was at work, and one of the support people was quizzing me about what my password “meant.” They were having network problems, and none of the consultants could connect, so they all went to work from home. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of new people came in and took all the cubes around me, two to a cube. It was a lot like rows of desks from elementary school. These were supposedly employees in my department, but I didn’t recognize any of them. At one point, I realized that our office chairs were actually working toilets. Odd. Later, the room morphed into something similar to the dining chapel at Kripalu, and BestFriend was with me, and we were stealing some kind of fruity granola bars.

I woke up to some really powerful thunderstorms. My electric flashed a couple times before I got out of bed. Then, when I went to leave, I opened the door to find that the patio is now more like a wading pool. And, the neighbor’s German Shepherd was happily splashing about, leashless. So I ended up having to leave out the other door, and walk around half the block to avoid the puddles and the loose dog.

Now, I just found out what I’m inheriting in the way of work from the consultant who is leaving. It’s the online training component of the project I’m on now. So, I’ll have to use Camtasia to take video screenshots of the app, then edit them together. I’m happy, because this feels like I’m actually putting my film major to some good use. Then, I’ll have to record voiceovers for the screens. Ahem. I guess I’ll have to get my sexy radio voice back well before the college radio station reunion in October.
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Okay. The yoga teacher warned us that we’d have weird dreams last night after all the opening we did in class. Mine weren’t that strange, but it was incredibly vivid. I was with a girl from work, and she was taking me into her dorm room to show me something out on her makeshift balcony (which I think was a reference to the pigeons on the balcony story from yoga class last night anyway). The dorm was on the farm I grew up on behind the barn. I don’t remember details, but it was a classic me dream, in that there was a lot of searching inside a building and traveling going on. I’ll have to look up what this stuff means when I get home this evening.

Tonight is a happy hour with S & E, etc. S&E have been trying for a few months now to fix me up with a friend of theirs who they used to work with. He is a nice guy, and very funny, but I think he would be so much better with BestFriend. He’s just not my type at all. The last couple times we’ve all been in a group together, he and BF have been in their own conversation anyway, so I’m not sure why they’re still trying with me. Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell them tonight to switch their tactics.

I’m going to have sore arms by the end of the day. I’m wearing my new “waitress dress” and I didn’t realize that the cap sleeves were going to restrict my movement so much but driving and typing are difficult.

Speaking of driving, mom just emailed to say that my sister wrecked her car….again. This is the third time, in the 2 years she’s had the car. And this one was her fault. So she won’t be in this weekend for my birthday. Maybe if I go up to the radiohead show later this month I’ll pop on up to Cleveland proper to see her.


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