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I like my cell phone. I sprung the extra cash for a Smartphone (Audiovox SMT-5600) when I last upgraded, and I'm glad I did. It has enough PDA features that I use that it's been worth it. I like it when I get a little beep reminding me I have an appt in an hour, and it's cool to be able to keep all my lists (grocery, target, tasks, etc.) on hand with me at all times. Plus, I discovered last week that both google Local and gmail have mobile versions, and I've used them both when out and about now. Cool!

What I don't like, is that for some reason, the alarm clock is stuck on the "ring once and forevermore hold your peace" setting. Doesn't matter what I do, it chimes pleasantly once, then shuts off. So this morning, as I was alternately freezing and burning up and having weird dreams and not wanting to get out of bed, not only did I get up so late that I was going to be just on time to work, but I'd not gotten the extra reminder to take my car in for its 45,000 mile service either. So I was even more late.

Then, I walked out and realized that it was trash day. I know we forgot to take our container out last week (for having 3 adults in the house, we generate surprisingly little trash) so I went to grab it. Good thing too, because that's when I noticed my skates were at the side door. I was all disappointed last night, because I got a small priority mail envelope containing my skate wrench, but alas, no skates. Seems they were there all along, shipped separately. Sheesh.

So, I was so late by that point that I just took the box inside and went on to the car dealer. I have to wait until this evening to break them out and try them on before practice. I really hope they fit, because I'm not having fun in the rental skates -- the wheels are way too hard to do anything cool. And the new ones are groovy.

I am so hooked on derby. Oh! And my official derby name is Alli Catraz. Now I just need to find a number that fits in with that.


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