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I have a fantastic new haircut (bangs to cover the forehead of doom!) and got my brows waxed too. That was a first. I was a tweezing maching in junior high and high school, so I didn't really have to do anything to them to keep them normal looking for a long time. Then my facialist tweezed them out for me a few months ago and now I'm all about "oh my god! stray hairs!" So I got that done. It didn't hurt at all. Yay.

And so I came home and put on my makeup and a fancy lookin' yet casual outfit (jeans, tall boots, white bias cut shirt, new scoopneck lace trimmed cardigan) so I'm ready to drive home and meet J. for lunch.

Woo! Fun will be had!

I'm glad I take pleasure in such odd things.
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OK, so I finally uploaded the photos I took this weekend, so I can show off what I did to my head.

I have a pretty goony expression in this photo, but it shows the color pretty well. )

And here we see my stripes )

It's mellowed out a bit since I've washed it a couple times. I still wish the blonde stripes (I mean highlights) were a bit blonder, but I can fix it later. I'm kind of liking the sunkissed look though.

Now it's off to much more knitting. I've taken a couple of days off to hang out and play. So now it's catch up time.
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Please tell me why I decided it was a good idea to dye my hair on a Sunday night. Not just dye my hair, but dye it, then put on a highlighting cap and spend the next hour and half bleaching out four or five spots, then adding a toning dye, only to find that they didn't get bleached light enough, and the ash blonde wasn't enough to counteract the orangeness after it was bleached.

Sigh. I now have coppery streaks, which isn't a horrendous thing, but I was really itching for something closer to platinum. It doesn't look bad, except for the spot right in the center of the front of my head where I have a big square of platinum due to using the wrong hole on the cap.

When will I learn that I do not have a cosmetology degree, even though I have a Sally discount card?

We'll see what this looks like in the morning. I'm thinking it may be a ponytail day.
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I have finally made it to the end of my ordeal.

See, since the dresses for my sister's wedding are strapless, and I tend to have 5 o'clock shadow under my arms by about 2 pm, I decided to try getting my pits waxed.

In general, I don't buy into most culturally mandated hair removal rules for women. I really don't usually care if my legs are shaved or not, for instance. But I'm not a fan of pit hair. After several years of forcing myself to get over it, I can deal with other people's. But I can't stand my own.

So, I dutifully stopped shaving for a week, then went in two weeks ago to our local Aveda Institute to give it a go. At one point, I had two women inspecting my hairy pits from a distance of about 2 inches. It was weird. And weirder still, they deemed my hair not long enough to wax. We tried a few strips, and I found out it's not as painful as I expected, but it was a no go. They told me to keep growing and return in a week.

Unfortunately, I was booked last weekend with shower stuff, so I had to wait until today. I walked in with three weeks growth and felt grotesque. I felt even more so when it turned out that a young man would be my waxer--no reason for that, but yet, that was my gut reaction. However, he immediately put me at ease when he told me he'd had his armpits waxed and he didn't think it was as bad on the pain scale as getting his chest done.

OK, I thought, I can deal with someone who's done this before.

And so he waxed and pulled, waxed and pulled. We chatted about our common neighborhood and ridiculous real estate prices and he told me he and his boyfriend are buying a condo in a building I've been considering. Wax and pull, wax and pull. It's beginning to seem a bit like a weird variation of the Karate Kid. The first pit, which was the one they'd started two weeks ago, took about 15 minutes. The second took about 5, and a mere three strips. My waxer and I bonded over our newfound siblinghood--we both have resistant right pits, and easy left ones. He soothed me with hot towels and baby powder, and I went on my merry way, with sticky, slightly swollen armpits. Slightly swollen, utterly hairless armpits. Hooray.

I'm now off to my stitch n' bitch, wearing a tank top for the first time in three weeks. Life is good. :-)
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I was out of town most of the weekend (you can read about the yarn related aspects at WittyKnits), so the outage here wasn't a huge deal for me, except that I had to wait until now to post my before and after photos of my new haircut.

I have wash and wear hair again! Woo-hoo!

Before (I have just rolled out of bed and am on my way to the salon) )

After (having just come from the laundromat, after the girl from the salon put that snazzy green eyeshadow on me )

The degree to which I look like my mother now is amazing. Not sure what I think of that yet.
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Woke up this morning, and the headache is still here. Even after the bath and Imitrex last night. I just took a couple of Excedrin and they're helping a little. I also realized I've been through half a bottle of Excedrin in the past two weeks. That used to be normal (a couple of years ago) but hasn't been lately. That's very odd.

I'm also scratching myself to death. I've got bug bites all over my ankles and feet. I can't figure out where I got them, but I have the sneaking suspicion there's a bug in my house. Grrrrrr....

At Target yesterday, I picked up some hair dye. I've officially gotten the obsession again. Must make hair red! It's a slightly different color from what I used to do (which was a very unnatural, dark dark burgandy) but it's still plenty red. My hairdresser is going to kill me when I go in to get my trim on Saturday, but I can't afford to have her do it for me. I'm plenty vain, but $125 is just too much to spend on hair in my book. Maybe she'll give me a freebie if I whine. I've been going to her for 5 years and through 2 salons now. Wow.

Work is slow, but should be picking up. Unfortunately, that's because I just found out one of the consultants who does the same type of stuff I do is leaving the project. I hope that doesn't mean she got laid off. So after this week, we'll be down to 3 women and ~25 men over here.

I'm starving. And it's not even noon. I've been an eating machine lately during the day, then have had no appetite at night until I'm ready to go to bed. Maybe my blood sugar's wacky and causing the headaches. Oh, look at me grasping at straws now.

I told t. a couple weeks ago that I never dream about teeth. And then last night I had a weird dream about some bizarre dentist. I was getting my wisdom teeth out (I've already been through that twice in real life) and the dentist showed me my teeth in a mirror and told me he was going to have to do a general anesthetic because I had some wacky fang thing coming out from under one of my molars. But, he kept trying to tell me not to do it, because the anesthetic would probably give me arthritis. What?! Then he enlisted my mom, who was in the waiting room to come in and argue with me because I was insisting on having the surgery anyway (the fang was freaking me out.) Odd.

Alright, I'm going to go organize my college homecoming hotel and stuff (5 year reunion already?!) and find out who is coming with me and who isn't. I also need to email the radio station manager to see if there are alumni slots left for the 50th anniversary. I want to resurrect the ChickRock hours so badly! We stay at this swanky hotel every year and act obnoxious, but not nearly so obnoxious as the frat boys reclaiming their lost youth. Should be fun. Will have to find out if the people I actually hung out with in college are going to be there, and I should probably send D. a message by then so that it's not horribly awkward if I see him there.


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