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Mar. 2nd, 2006 10:15 am
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Thought I'd do this because I'm a bit brain dead today. I've been a bit of an insomniac this week.

1. Coldplay
2. Tori Amos
3. Ani Difranco
4. Rufus Wainwright
5. Beth Orton
6. Interpol
7. Juliana Hatfield
8. The White Stripes (I feel a distinct need to apologize to the memory of [ profile] yerpretty every time I admit this.)
9. Lucinda Hatfield
10. Interpol

pick your artists before you click the cut )
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and it told me I was a realist:

Click to view my test results

stolen from [ profile] mactavish

EDIT: Y'know, maybe I'm not a just a realist, maybe I just drew an accurate pig because I grew up on a freakin' hog farm. Just sayin'.
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This weekend felt like a summer weekend. After the week I had at work last week, this was most welcome.

And now, a fun little meme, on concerts:

1. Bold the ones you've seen; put this into a
reply to this entry
2. Take the ones from my list that you've also seen and
post them in your LJ
3. Add more until you get to 20

1. Ani DiFranco
2. Tori Amos
3. Rufus Wainwright
4. Howie Day
5. Rasputina
6. Sleater-Kinney
7. PJ Harvey
8. Amy Rigby
9. Nine Inch Nails
11. Clutch
12. Pretty Girls Make Graves
13. Low
14. Paula Cole
15. They Might be Giants
16. Tears for Fears
17. Melissa Ferrick
18. Bitch & Animal
19. Juliana Hatfield
20. Ben Folds
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1. Bungee jumped on the main drag in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
2. Competed at a state fair in microwave cookery.
3. Had a private conference with Marilyn Hacker about my poetry. (This is when I realized you can love someone's writing/work and just really not care for them at all on a personal level.)
4. Operated a platter style 35mm film projector on a regular basis.
5. Had my tonsils out, then two weeks later broke my leg. Then had my best friend at the time repeat the process two weeks after that.
6. Marched a parade backwards in go-go boots.
7. Won $1,000 from a radio contest.
8. Appeared on a TV quiz show.
9. Dated someone who later became a runway model.
10. Charged a car on a credit card.
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...stolen from all sorts of people, just because I'm "reuining" with some hs peeps this weekend.

What year was it?

What were your three favorite bands/musicians?
Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos & The B-52s.

What was your favorite outfit?
Jeans and t-shirts.

What was up with your hair? had finally settled down from all the chopping off, bleaching and perming of junior high. It was cut in a bob, with the back shorter than the front, and the back clipper cut.

Who were your best friends?
My friend J. who I'll see this weekend, my ex-friend B. who I haven't heard from since her wedding four years ago (including no thank you note), my friend M. who I'll again see this weekend, L. who's now a cop and has come out, and the superslut, until we finally stopped talking to her.

What did you do after school?
Marching band practice (I was the field commander), musical practice (that year was Oklahoma) and quick recall/quiz tv show. And 4-H group/project stuff in the spring.

Did you take the bus?
Only for band trips.

Who did you have a crush on?
Um....I was dating a guy from another school until I dumped him the week before prom and then he semi-stalked me for a while. That kind of turned me off crushes for a bit.

Did you fight with your parents?
All the time. The college selection process was hellish, because I had to go where I got the most money, and it was my last choice. I wanted so badly to go to Oberlin.

Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?
Trent Reznor, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson (though I'm not sure I'd have admitted the last one then)

Did you smoke cigarettes?
A puff or two maybe

Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?
Huh? My school wasn't close to that large, and all the seniors got giant lockers on the back of the gym, with built in locks that you could pre-set, so we left them unlocked all the time. The fear was more that someone would come and turn the lock and you wouldn't remember your combo.

Did you have a 'clique'?
By default. We were the smart, slightly alti-kids, considered very very uncool by the popular elite.

Did you have "The Max" like Zach, Kelly, and Slater?
I admit watching that show, but I've got no clue what that means.

Admit it, were you popular?
Nope. Maybe among the band kids, but that's not really popular.

Who did you want to be just like?
Margaret Atwood.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A writer. Or a rockstar. Those are probably still valid now. Or a fashion designer, to which I attribute the knitting obsession.

Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?
I thought I'd have at least one novel published, and maybe a screenplay. I thought I'd probably be living in a larger city than I am.
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Alright...the answers to yesterday's post of the ipod meme. You guys did very very well!

Here they are )
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Edit: My take on how hard these are, with weird, likely nonhelpful hints:
-there are two Ani Difranco songs left unidentified. One is kind of obscure, but one is more well known.
-If anyone gets 19, I will likely fall off my chair. It may help to be Canadian.
- I would put 1,3,5,6,13 and 14 into the category of "really hard because the tune is so important to these songs, but you'll kick yourself when you know."
-I would classify 5, 12 & 17 as being by fairly well-known indie singers, but not necessarily well-known songs.
-I just realized that everything on the list is sung by a woman (with the exception of Ewan helping out on #4). I did have a Radiohead song come up originally for #11, but it was instrumental. (And it would have been terribly ironic given the lyrics on #10, because it was "treefingers".)

I'm doing this ipod meme today simply because I actually remembered to bring it with me for once.

[+] hit shuffle on your iPod
[+] list lyrics for the first 20 songs that pop up
[+] cross off the lyrics as they're guessed

1. I've tried so hard and didn't show that you're my every dream.
2. Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out. [I'm soooo embarrassed this one is on there!]
3. Holding on, that's what I do since I met you.
4. Never knew, I could feel like this. Like I've never seen the sky before.
5. I sold my ring for a pickup truck, I left my feathered nest. [This may be a cover, I'm not sure.]
6. There was a little boy once upon a time ...every copper penny and clover he would find made him wish for better days.
7. Tuna rubber, little blubber in my igloo, yeah. And I knew you pigtails and all, girls when they fall.
8. It's rock, paper, scissors as to whether I will get over you at all. It's hand against hand and both hands are mine....
9. Still falling. Breathless and dumb again. Beside today. Beside me today.
10. The wind is ruthless, the trees shake angry fingers to the sky.
11. I'm red and thick like fire. Oh, I got a piece of my heart on the sole of your shoe. You've got a little bit of thunder.
12. Your lonely voice calls across the starlit coast, reaching out to be seen.
13. I drove my car in the middle of the night...the road was dark but the stars were bright....It didn't matter what my friends say, I was gonna see you anyway.
14. I wish I want to stay here. I wish this be enough. I wish I only love you.
15. I opened a bank account when I was nine years old I closed it when I was 18 I gave them every penny that I'd saved and they gave my blood and my urine a number.
16. And they came to the river, and they came from the road. And he wanted a son just to call his own. And they walked on the dirt and they walked from the road.
17. Oh I do believe, in all the things you see. What comes is better, than what came before. And you better, come come come come to me. [this is a cover, and I've no idea who did it originally]
18. ...all the way to New York. I can feel the distance getting close. You're right next to me, but I need an airplane.
19. This is, I am so beautiful and fierce. This is violence and holy words.
20. You go on ahead honey, you have a good time there. You make me feel funny, I'm no ordinary lover or friend.


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