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Thank you all for your help with my derby name a couple days back. Unfortunately, a lot of the ones suggested were already taken (we can't duplicate nationally, so it's hard). So here's a shortlist of names that are available that I'm thinking of.

I tried out one of these tonight at a meet and greet party for the newbie skaters, and about 50% of the people got it and the other 50% kind of went "huh?" So I'm putting it to the test on lj.

[Poll #665739]

I am sooooo excited about roller derby. My first skate is Sunday. Woooooo!
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So, after I called the BMB Monday, he never called me back. I saw him Tuesday when I was grabbing to-go coffee, and he apologized for not calling back, saying he'd worked late at a private party of some friends' of his (which, I later recalled, I had found out that he was doing when I met them last week) and was going to be doing that again last night.

I still can't determine if he's trying to blow me off, or if he's trying not to. So, for the most part, I have resolved to give up the pursuit at this point.

Here's the thing though. A couple of people have said, "Maybe it's too much to hang out just by yourselves and you should invite him out with friends." I'm not so sure about that. But, a few of us are probably going out later tonight.

So here's a poll:
[Poll #650858]

Note: If I go for any of the options involving inviting him, this will be the last time I'm making a move if there's not a positive response. Period and end of story.


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