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Practice kicked my ass tonight. But in a good way. I am "contact legal" now, so I got to skate in my first scrimmage jam. I screwed it up massively at least once, but I did manage to knock at least one person down without falling myself. This is progress. I also managed to get checked by other people and not fall over.

I really need to adjust my skates. I took them to get stretched at this awesome shoe repair shop (Jesse's Instant Shoe Repair in Grandview, on 5th behind the Penn Station restaurant) so they feel a lot better, and I can lace them tighter on my ankles without cramping my feet up. But they are still hard for me to control on turns, especially when we're doing drills where we skate on one leg. I took my wrenches with me, but sadly, neither of them fit the bolts that hold the trucks onto my skates. (The truck is like the axle -- look at me learning vocab words!)

I really need to study up on the rules. I am still confused as to where I should be in the pack. It'll come with time and practice, but I asked one question tonight that's been bugging me (can the blockers pass the pivots?) and was totally wrong on my answer (I thought they couldn't, but they can, so long as the pack stays within 20 feet.)

Only bad thing is, my carpal tunnel is acting up in my right wrist when I put weight on it. I need to get back into yoga for that. Downward dog helped me tons with that before. Then it'll be ok. Gotta remember to bring my braces home from work tomorrow so I can sleep in them too when I need to. I know I woke up last night with them bent funny. That's bad!

Wearing the mouthguard in practice seems to make me grind up the bite plate I wear at night much less though. That's good!

Gotta make a derby icon too. I plan to spend some time this weekend working on a logo with my name for the back of my helmet, so that should fall right into place.

Wooo! Off to the shower....
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Sometimes I worry that if all my hobbies/friends/whatever converge, the world might just explode.

With that, I bring you something I just stumbled across randomly (I'm looking for calls for entries for pattern submissions, I swear!)

Yarn, inspired by roller derby, in a shade called "Rink Burn"

Too weird.
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I thought the idea with exercising regularly was that eventually, you stopped waking up sore. I'm ready for that to kick in at any time now.

Actually, I know why I'm sore today. I wore the new skates to practice last night, and it felt like learning to skate all over again. Figure roller skates (what most people are used to from rental skates) have high manuverability because the wheels are pretty much under your foot. Speed skates, on the other hand, have much wider wheels, set further apart, so they stick out on either side of your foot. I tried them on at home, thought they looked weird, and then when I got to practice, still bugged a couple of people to let me look at their skates because I was thinking it couldn't quite be right. They were though, and my wheels were pronounced "awesome." I'll take that girl's word for it.

I can certainly sprint in them, and by all means, it'll be harder to knock me over, but crossover turns took me quite a bit of time to get used to in these skates. And stopping? Hah! At one point one of the girls called me into the middle to tell me something, and I had to say "hang on" while I tried to stop. I eventually stopped moving when I tried to turn and landed on my ass. Ha!

Now, I feel like the tendons in my hips are swollen. That's a feeling I've never had before. I'm to be in shape, please! I'll keep working at it. I've got to, because there are a handful of girls in this league who are phenomenal skaters.

Got home last night, and flipped on the TV before bed. After Sex and the City (which is finally showing episodes I haven't seen) I caught an episode of King of the Hill in which Luann and Peggy join and eventually buy a roller derby team. The best part was some random guy trying to explain the rules of the game to Hank. At first, I thought the show had it wrong, but I think I need to go look it up -- maybe the pivot can score??
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I like my cell phone. I sprung the extra cash for a Smartphone (Audiovox SMT-5600) when I last upgraded, and I'm glad I did. It has enough PDA features that I use that it's been worth it. I like it when I get a little beep reminding me I have an appt in an hour, and it's cool to be able to keep all my lists (grocery, target, tasks, etc.) on hand with me at all times. Plus, I discovered last week that both google Local and gmail have mobile versions, and I've used them both when out and about now. Cool!

What I don't like, is that for some reason, the alarm clock is stuck on the "ring once and forevermore hold your peace" setting. Doesn't matter what I do, it chimes pleasantly once, then shuts off. So this morning, as I was alternately freezing and burning up and having weird dreams and not wanting to get out of bed, not only did I get up so late that I was going to be just on time to work, but I'd not gotten the extra reminder to take my car in for its 45,000 mile service either. So I was even more late.

Then, I walked out and realized that it was trash day. I know we forgot to take our container out last week (for having 3 adults in the house, we generate surprisingly little trash) so I went to grab it. Good thing too, because that's when I noticed my skates were at the side door. I was all disappointed last night, because I got a small priority mail envelope containing my skate wrench, but alas, no skates. Seems they were there all along, shipped separately. Sheesh.

So, I was so late by that point that I just took the box inside and went on to the car dealer. I have to wait until this evening to break them out and try them on before practice. I really hope they fit, because I'm not having fun in the rental skates -- the wheels are way too hard to do anything cool. And the new ones are groovy.

I am so hooked on derby. Oh! And my official derby name is Alli Catraz. Now I just need to find a number that fits in with that.
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For a girl who has always hated team sports, I seem to have found my life's passion in roller derby.

I was concerned about skating tonight because I haven't been on quads in about 5 years. I've rollerbladed off and on since high school, and I got my first pair of quads when I was about 5 (the adjustable kind that snapped on your shoes). One of my favorite childhood memories was my dad coming home from a garage sale with two pairs of quad figure skates for my sister and I. They had metal wheels, which we wore out on our concrete porch.

I was happy to be starting tonight though, because there were only about 20 women at practice, so I felt like there were fewer people to keep track of.

It so rocked. I can skate still--yay!! The hardest part was getting my crossover turns back, but I'm better off than I would have been had I never done them. And I'm ok at falling, and will get more practice at that. Squatting will be my hardest thing. I've never been good at that. Gotta stop with the high heel wearing I think.

I ordered my real skates tonight and paid the $20 for 3 day shipping. So I may get to skate in them by Thursday's practice. That would rock. Cause the rental skates...not so great for derby.

I'm so wired now. And so smelly and sweaty. I'm going to be in rockin' shape doing this three times a week, because tonight's practice was apparently easier than normal. I need to get my flexibility back in my lower back or else I'm going to be hurting, but getting back into yoga should help with that.

I can't believe I'm going to use yoga to support my career in roller derby.

Is it wrong that I can't wait to send in a class note to my college alumni magazine about this???
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Thank you all for your help with my derby name a couple days back. Unfortunately, a lot of the ones suggested were already taken (we can't duplicate nationally, so it's hard). So here's a shortlist of names that are available that I'm thinking of.

I tried out one of these tonight at a meet and greet party for the newbie skaters, and about 50% of the people got it and the other 50% kind of went "huh?" So I'm putting it to the test on lj.

[Poll #665739]

I am sooooo excited about roller derby. My first skate is Sunday. Woooooo!


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