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Why of why did my neighbors decide to start erecting a tent prior to 8 am this morning? Doesn't help that these are the neighbors who let their dog run loose on our patio and don't clean up after it. That's a big strike already.

When I was little, my mom used to change my hairstyle if I was misbehaving in an effort to change my attitude. I tried that today by dressing in super froufy fun clothes. But now I feel frumpy because it's so dismal outside and I'm in here in the cold with my big hooded sweater on over everything.

If it clears up by lunch I'm going to walk down to the mall and get sushi for lunch. Yes, it's mall sushi, but the wasabi makes me happy.

Here's hoping that finishing up my math class tonight changes my outlook a bit. I've been grumpy this week.
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Hung out with T. last night. Had a whole lot of fun (which made me wonder why I didn't say "Hey, it's me!" when I've seen him out before), but over-caffeinated myself and didn't sleep until very late (not that that is a new thing at all).

So today was a day that dragged on and on and on, but less from the lack of sleep and more from the incredible soreness that has overtaken my body. Seems I overdid it a bit more than I'd thought in yoga class last night. It's the "Impossible Poses" class and we were doing stuff that leads up to a couple of deep twisting leg holds, including an arm balancing one. Closest picture I could find is here but rotate that photo, twist her arm on the floor around the extended leg and have her balanced on one leg and one arm. I actually was surprised that I got as far as I did, but I have a lot of ease in my spine for twisting. My leg was nowhere near off the ground, but that's ok. Now I feel like someone tried to break my ribs though.

In other news....STS & I. are famous. SMA gave his official notice to his job (via a limerick) before he leaves for Spain, and BestFriend has another new cool freelance gig. I am contemplating applying for a job I saw on monster today. It's the same job I have now basically (user interface designer) but it's at aol, so it probably pays a bit more. Of course, they're notorious for hiring then firing six months later, so there would be a lot of hard questions from me if I got an interview.

Tomorrow night I think a whole bunch of us are going to see Ween, which should be fun. Then pretty much the rest of this weekend will be devoted to finishing up my math class. Then I get to decide if I'm going to keep going to school of not. Sigh.
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This has been an odd weekend. No homework, because next week is the week between trimesters at Franklin, before I get to start my summer session with not 1 but 2 classes--Java and Discrete Math. The math is on online course, so I think it'll be ok, but I was warned that the full-time workers usually do things one class at a time. I'm impatient though. My plan is to do this for this trimester, then in the Fall, do the next programming class and test out of the presentational software, access and WWW design courses. That way I'll have credit for almost a full-time load at the end of this year. I'm crafty like that.

Friday night, I went to Mary's yoga class and that was fun. Afterward BestFriend, Boy Wonder and I had yummy veg food at Whole World, then went back to BF's house to watch DVDs (she just got a player). We watched Dr. Strangelove. I had no idea how apropos to the current situation in the world that would be. We enjoyed it, then both BW and I crashed there for the night.

I ended up going home in late morning, only to spend the whole day in bed with a killer headache. Then BF had people over on her back porch last night. Our friend M got engaged last weekend to her boyfriend of 5 years. Well, this week it got called off and she is now moving out. She's ok, but we all sat around and had girl talk, which was good. I did my laundry while we were there too.

So today is Easter and I have to drive to Chillicothe to my aunt's house. Not a fun drive, especially for someone like me who hates to drive. I will have to find my discman and speakers to take with me in the car.

We are interviewing people for the second web job like my current one this week. I hope the user interface job that is probably going to be mine in the IT department posts this week. That way, when I leave, I can tell the boss to just hire her first and second choices out of the batch we're interviewing now, and all will be smooth. Hopefully that will delay the power trip she WILL try with me later. Fun.

Must go find my easter dress now and eat some more yogurt (this webMD thing has me od'ing on calcium.) I lost what looked like 5# this week, but most of that is probably water. Just a shaving off on the inches too, which is what I'm really more worried about. I pulled out the summer clothes last night and tried to wear my short jeans from last year, but there was no way they were zipping. All I ask is to fit in what I already own!!! :-)

I'm back

Apr. 14th, 2003 10:24 pm
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Wow. It's been ages since I've written anything here. Rather than blather on with my whole recap of the last few months, I'll just do the last few days.

I started a weight loss/fitness program this weekend--signed up with WebMD for their plan. It's kind of a racket I guess (maybe) but it will make me write down what I'm eating/how I'm exercising and will hopefully make me stick to it. It's too hard with being in school and working full time for me to mentally track what I'm eating--which became apparant when I filled out the initial profile. Plus, after having my doctor mention how hard it is to change your body after 30, I figured I'd better do something before I got too clsoe to that number. Plus, I want my yoga muscles back. :-)

I'm getting ready to (hopefully) switch jobs. I am a bit scared (will be moving to the IT dept) but the comm department has gotten steadily worse and worse, so I think it's this or leave the company all together--which I am NOT ready for. I like the people I'll be working with, and I will be keepign the parts of my job that I like (usability, interface design) so it should be good. I'm just a bit nervous about the overtime committment a lot of the IT'ers seem to make.

In other news, I took my first programming final this evening in C++--I'm pretty sure I got an A, which keeps my average at a 4.0 on this degree. Woo-hoo!!! Now, next trimester's challenge will be making sure 2 classes, one of which is Java, doesn't change that too much.

Off to check to see if the new spiffy work laptop is playing nicely with the cable modem yet.


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