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So, I only had to go to skip=240 on my flist to catch up. What gives? ;-)

Kripalu was *fantastic*. I'm going to try to write a coherant summation here, but for more knitting related info for those of you who are interested, see my blog where I'll be posting the workshop details shortly.

Thursday evening, my original plan was to go to Wolfe Fiber Arts and grab some last minute supplies, but they'd announced the closing of the store, so I headed to The Yarn Shop instead. That actually worked out well, because I noticed Karen Allen's name on the cover of Vogue Knitting and grabbed the magazine. There's a nice 2 page article on her, and it even mentioned that she was teaching at Kripalu that weekend! This was good because I got to actually see what sort of work she does--incredible colorwork sweaters. It scared me a bit, but I knew at least I was on the right track with the yarns I was taking. Crashed at [livejournal.com profile] automat76's house so she could drive me to the airport in the morning.

I started writing these and they are long, so I'm cutting day by day, with photos
Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Oh, and for anyone who might be wondering, someone did ask Karen about her role in the Indiana Jones movies at the end of the workshop Sunday, and she said that it was never planned for her to be in the second and third movies, but if the script ever gets done for the fourth, they've told her she's in it.

I also realized that I failed to take photos of any of Karen's samples of her work in my rush Sunday, but one of the other women from the workshop is supposed to be emailing out her photos to us soon, so I'll have those then.
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I'm going to do the Yoga of Knitting at Kripalu with Karen Allen next month. I have three weeks to figure out what all I'm taking with me--there's a fairly long list of knitting supplies she wants us to bring for the classes. We'll be designing colorwork sweaters--eek! I think I know where my Wolfe Fiber Arts gift certificate is going.

I took the dorm option to make it a bit cheaper. So I'll be bunking down with 6-22 other women. Hopefully some will be other knitters in the group. The lights out at 9:30 thing will kill me. I think I'll be going up to the solarium and knitting there, then sneaking in later.

Stupid me didn't realize I couldn't book my flight online without my frequent flier number since it's a free ticket. So hopefully, my flight won't fill up before I get home and obtain the card to book it. Otherwise, I'm in a bind, because I already ordered my "shuttle." I will be picked up in a car by a man with a sign at the airport. I feel so worldly. It's going to come to $90 for the shuttle round trip, but that's a heck of a lot better than paying $200 or more to get a rental car that will just sit on the hill all week.

If my ebay sales go well next week (read: if I get my act together and do them) then I may call back and see if I can squeeze a massage in my schedule as well. That was heavenly last time (and caused [livejournal.com profile] automat76 to exclaim "You smell like a hippy" when she picked me up at the airport).
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So, last night really was fun. )

So, today's been fairly non-productive on the whole. I woke up early, but then went back to sleep until noon, then went off to Panera for lunch. I had the IC Honeydew Green Tea drink thingee. It was interesting. After the first sip, I thought I wasn't going to be able to drink it, but then I got used to it. (What I didn't get used to was the half-inch diameter straw they served it with. Odd.) Then I went up to Half Price to sell some old books, and of course spent more than the $7.00 they gave me. I got a Henry James novel and a new portfolio (with the intent to write my latest novel idea out in it), some stuff for the gift exchange if we do the "All Leo Birthday Party" we've been talking about, and, the crowning achievement...a copy of Amy Rigby's _Sugar Tree_! It has a lot of her best stuff on it, including "Cynically Yours," which she played the other night and that I've been campaigning for BF to play at B&J's wedding when she DJs the reception.

Finished In the Time of the Butterflies today. I love love love Julia Alvarez. I'm hoping she's got something new coming out soon, because I don't have anything left of hers to read now!

Was thinking about going up to the cheap theatre tonight to see something, but there's not really anything out I want to see. So it'll be math homework tonight and cleaning tomorrow. And hopefully some yoga in there too somewhere. I signed up for the workshop in "Approaching Impossible Poses" and I'm a little scared now. Plus, I need to get ready for the Rodney Yee workshop in September. It's closer than I like to think about.

I'm back

Apr. 14th, 2003 10:24 pm
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Wow. It's been ages since I've written anything here. Rather than blather on with my whole recap of the last few months, I'll just do the last few days.

I started a weight loss/fitness program this weekend--signed up with WebMD for their plan. It's kind of a racket I guess (maybe) but it will make me write down what I'm eating/how I'm exercising and will hopefully make me stick to it. It's too hard with being in school and working full time for me to mentally track what I'm eating--which became apparant when I filled out the initial profile. Plus, after having my doctor mention how hard it is to change your body after 30, I figured I'd better do something before I got too clsoe to that number. Plus, I want my yoga muscles back. :-)

I'm getting ready to (hopefully) switch jobs. I am a bit scared (will be moving to the IT dept) but the comm department has gotten steadily worse and worse, so I think it's this or leave the company all together--which I am NOT ready for. I like the people I'll be working with, and I will be keepign the parts of my job that I like (usability, interface design) so it should be good. I'm just a bit nervous about the overtime committment a lot of the IT'ers seem to make.

In other news, I took my first programming final this evening in C++--I'm pretty sure I got an A, which keeps my average at a 4.0 on this degree. Woo-hoo!!! Now, next trimester's challenge will be making sure 2 classes, one of which is Java, doesn't change that too much.

Off to check to see if the new spiffy work laptop is playing nicely with the cable modem yet.

Rodney Yee

Sep. 8th, 2002 11:42 am
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So today, Rodney Yee was at Yoga on High doing a demo and booksigning. He's actually there for the whole week, but doing teacher training, so I can't take the classes. So BestFriend and I and S & E from work went to the demo. Wow. What an amazing guy. I like the fact that even though he can be totally deep for 15 minutes, he'll then turn around and say, "But, then again, I don't really know." Very personable.

The demo was....wow. There were times that the room was totally silent, and then he'd do something really incredibly hard and look quite a bit like he was flying and the whole room would be filled with "ooh" and "oh" and "mmmm." It's like no one wanted to be the one making the noises but everyone wanted to scream "Oh my god!" So instead, they just made these little involuntary grunts.

Afterward, S & E & I got our books signed and the four of us got our picture taken with him. S should have the pix developed soon and then I'll post it.

Then S, E, their hubbies, BestFriend and I went to Haiku for a sushi dinner. Mr. Yee himself showed up at one point while we were stuffing ourselves on the patio. Some other people in his party wanted to eat elsewhere, so they left, but he did stop and say hello, much to the hubbies' chagrin. I think they thought we were a little fan-girlish. Well, we probably were, but probably not nearly as bad as the middle aged women at the book signing.

It was a good day. Definitely the inspiration I needed to get back into my yoga practice.
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Well, after hitting both coasts in one month, I am very happy to be at home for a little while. Have even temporarily abandoned by time-waster habit of searching for cheap airfares, because I sooooooo don't want to go anywhere right now. I am playing catch up at work like crazy because of being away all but something like 12 days in July. Wow.

Seattle was absolutely incredible. I want to move there so badly. And if the job keeps going the way it is and BestFriend and RW are really serious about going out there too, that makes it all the more likely. It's just so gorgeous out there, and you don't need a car, and there are mountains, and water, and ferries, and islands, and so on and so on.
Of course, yoga went a bit by the wayside while I was gone. I did make it to a "Hatha Flow" class at 8 Limbs while in Seattle, which totally kicked my butt (might have had something to do with having to hike up and down the hills to get there), but other than that, I only made it to class about 3 times in July. And not too much more practice here at home. But as of this week, I've been there 2 days out of the 2 days of the week. So I'm getting back on the right track.

Bought a bike right before I left for Seattle. I actually rode it to Kroger one night last week. That was an experience. I made it all the way back, stopped the bike, and then, while getting off of it, my messenger bag strap broke, so I fell and the bike fell on me. So now I'm the proud owner of a big ol' scrape. Joy.

The work situation is, well, hard to describe. The Wig/The Dozer or whatever you want to call her justs keeps on being herself. I'm getting closer to the breaking point, but the really really bad weeks seem to alternate with the weeks of not seeing her at all, so I'm not sure what's up.

If the perfect job in Seattle dropped in my lap tomorrow, I'd take it though. Anybody need a self-appointed web usability expert who can problem solve like nobody's business and write copy too??? Anyone???

Off to bed now. My campaign this week is to get more sleep and give myself a regular schedule.

Recent books read: Backpack, by ???? Fluff, but perfect for the plane trip; A Girl Named Zippy---very very good, but all too short. Currently reading (yes, simultaneously) The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath, The 14 Day Herbal Cleansing and biographies of Vermeer, and Virginia Woolf. So much for fluff.

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I got a little out of habit in posting here, but I'll try to do some major updates in this post.

First thing, boy and I called it quits, and surprisingly to me, it was mutual. After playing phone tag for *two weeks* we finally got on the phone and he brought the topic up. We both agreed it wasn't working and have gone back to friends. I think we've each emailed each other once since then (this was about 5 weeks ago) which just reemphasizes that point that we are both too busy for such a relationship right now. So far, so good.

I still have the unexplainable, unrequited crush on HotGuy. Hmmmph. Have only seen him a few times, but never with the same degree of connection as the night of the haircut. He moves to Seattle in less than two weeks, and though I'll see him several times before then, I don't think I'll even bother thinking about it much anymore. Oh well.

I did find out that a guy at work has had a crush on me for approximately 2 years (the whole time I've worked there). It's nice to have something good at work, since the boss' boss is getting absurdly intolerable for our whole department. The strange thing is, I guess the boy with the crush is so smitten with me, he is too nervous to talk to me. I find this terribly adorable in it's own way. The funny thing is, I had always referred to him in my head as "The Cute Boy in Health Care" despite the fact that he was, until January, the only boy in Health Care. I do think I'd probably go out with him if he asked, but I can't ask him, or else he'll realize that my co-worker let out his secret. It's kind of like high school, but much more endearing.

I leave for Seattle tomorrow morning. I'm both looking forward to it and kind of wary about it. I've never traveled for such a long time (5 days) and such a long distance by myself before. But, I have been there once before and am familiar with the area I'm staying in. I have several activities planned for myself, so that I don't stay in the hotel all evening. I plan to visit at least one yoga studio, and to go to the Archie McPhee store (to do some bday shopping for friends). The conference I'm going to should also be good, and it's not such a terribly hectic schedule that I'll be over there all the time. Then again, I got to take a laptop from work with me, and I'd better churn out some work while I'm there, or there may be some grousing about why I really needed it in the first place. It really started as a just in case kind of thing, but I ended up taking on a couple projects to work on while there, so I'd better produce results. I'll probably be able to get the bulk on one done on the flight there anyway.

I'd probably better go finish packing. I got the suitcase done this morning, but the carry on is still sprawled on the bed. Must check the laptop battery as well. And it might be nice to clean up the downstairs a bit so that when BestFriend comes to water the flowers, she doesn't trip over everything. And then I get to come back to a clean apartment too. Yay.

Just realized that I'd fully intended to go on a bike ride this evening and I've waited until far too late. I've only had the bike a week, so I'm not up for nighttime riding yet. And now it will be a week before I can do it again. I'll have to go through all the soreness and such again. It's my own fault though.

Off to tackle the carry on and then to bed early so I can get up before STS comes to pick me up for the airport!
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Just home from yoga class (with my favorite teacher) which was fairly good. Got to be the guinea pig again, like always. Also met the woman who does my boss and her former boss's tailoring, who I thought was in the class. She's cool.

Went to arts fest at lunch today and ate my favorite: yam fries. Yummy. Am going back with the boys again this evening and plan to actually look at art this time. I think I shall eat before I go though, so I can't bow to the temptation again. Mmmmmm...fried vegetables. My downfall.

Am getting up early tomorrow morning to go to the community garage sale in my hometown. Mom and her twin sister and I are setting up behind Mom and Dad's antique shop. Haven't seen them in a few months, so it should be good. Then BestFriend and I are going to a Southern Culture on the Skids concert which I got free tickets for. Fun. We've been going to bands lately that we don't know as much about. It's kind of fun.

Must run to the post and to get some food before the boys call back.


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