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So, one of the things that contributed to the timing of leaving my old job, starting the new contract gig and giving myself a scant week off in between was the upcoming regional roller derby tournament here in Columbus.

OHRG is hosting in it, and we're playing in it too. As you can imagine, that makes life for those of us doing double duty especially hectic. But things are coming together really well so far, and this event is gonna be awesome.

Some details:
The event runs Aug 17-19, and is back at Battelle Hall in the Convention Center, where we played last year. Single day tickets are $25, weekend passes (all 3 days) are $50. That's 12 games of derby -- high level derby from the best of the WFTDA teams East of the Mississippi River.

And, it's important to our All-Star team, because it's the first time we've ever played at home -- all four of our interleague games were on the road last year. To that end, we are selling single game tickets for our Friday night game against Providence so our home fans can see us even if they don't want to spend the whole weekend derbying. For just $10 in advance or $15 at the door, you can get in at 7:30 pm for our 8:30 game and cheer on the OHRG to victory.

If we pull off an upset and beat Providence (we're the last seed, they are 6th) then we'd play Carolina (3rd seed) on Saturday. Pull off a second upset and we'd be going to Nationals.

All the details.
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