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So, [livejournal.com profile] spandita was in Puerto Rico this weekend, and currently, he is stranded in the airport in Newark, awaiting a flight into Dayton. He flew out of Columbus, so I'm going to go get him after work.

He just called to tell me that Daniel Franco, of Project Runway seasons 1 & 2 ran over his foot with his wheelie suitcase. Ha!

If only it had been Daniel Vosovic. Swoon.
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[livejournal.com profile] spandita and I have seen the Barbie episode of Project Runway about 8 times now, but there is just nothing that will beat Michael Kors uttering the phrase "She looks like Barefoot Appalachian Little Abner Barbie." Oh, the hilarity.
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Y'know, I have long had issues with the way our society/laws deal with the question of prostitution. I'm not totally convinced it should be criminal, and we certainly prosecute prostitutes and johns in very different ways, which I don't see as fair.

But the fact that local news stations are running a photo and divulging the name of a woman who has been previously arrested for prositution, and disclosing her positive HIV status because she's a "danger to the community"? WTF? How is that legal?

EDIT: I just emailed all four TV stations in Columbus (because they all have it on their website, or I saw it on their station last night) to express my displeasure at this. Grrrr...

EDIT again: Research:


On a quick perusal of these, it seems it's only illegal for a healthcare professional to disclose your status. Law enforcement and media seem to be able to do whatever. That last article is particularly pertinent to this situation. I still don't like it.
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My favorite TV show got renewed AND Fox ordered a whole season rather than the paltry 8 episodes that had been rumored.

To paraphrase someone on the TWoP boards, I'd like to pack the sweet pink mouths of Fox execs with ice cream bars about now.*

*Yes, this is an in-joke. Watch the show!!!

No, seriously, watch it. I've not been this attached to a TV show since Northern Exposure. The writing is phenomenol. And Will Arnett & Jason Bateman & Portia De Rossi &....well, let's face it, just about everyone in the cast is hot.
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How sad is it that my new touchstone for how old I am is "am I too old to audition for Reality tv?"

I guess that's all you get after you've passed the driving, voting & drinking ages. I am currently too old for Real World (which I've actually never seen) and American Idol. I am still in the range for The Apprentice (blah) and The Amazing Race (yay!)

I will not even deem things like The Bachelor & Fear Factor with the respect of checking the rules.
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This weekend felt like a summer weekend. After the week I had at work last week, this was most welcome.

And now, a fun little meme, on concerts:

1. Bold the ones you've seen; put this into a
reply to this entry
2. Take the ones from my list that you've also seen and
post them in your LJ
3. Add more until you get to 20

1. Ani DiFranco
2. Tori Amos
3. Rufus Wainwright
4. Howie Day
5. Rasputina
6. Sleater-Kinney
7. PJ Harvey
8. Amy Rigby
9. Nine Inch Nails
11. Clutch
12. Pretty Girls Make Graves
13. Low
14. Paula Cole
15. They Might be Giants
16. Tears for Fears
17. Melissa Ferrick
18. Bitch & Animal
19. Juliana Hatfield
20. Ben Folds
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Today's Boondocks sums up one of my complex feelings about that damn Burger King commerical with Hootie.

I cannot stand that commercial. It is the earworm from hell. Plus, it has this very Stepford Wives feel, that leads me to believe one of these times when I see it, one of the drug hazed bimbette farmgirls is going to lose it, stop singing along to the "Big Rock Candy Mountain" ripoff and start some sort of bloody massacre.

However, I will say that is an effective ad, in the sense that it got an avowed vegetarian to recall the ridiculously long name of a chicken sandwich. The Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch.
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I have two TV loves right now: The Amazing Race, and Arrested Development.

Someone on the Television Without Pity forums just referred to Susan & Patrick from TAR as "Motherboy" and I spit diet pepsi on my desk. Ha!!!

I need to order the season 1 DVD of Arrested Development. I realized after reading a TwoP interview with Will Arnett, who plays G.O.B, that I missed the Fonzie jumping the shark joke last week. This show is on the level of The Simpsons with the hidden jokes. If you don't watch it, let me recommend it to you highly. And let me also say, give it more than a week or two to grow on you--a lot of the bigger jokes take a few episodes to make sense, so there's a huge payoff in watching every week. And cross your fingers that Fox doesn't cancel it.
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I'm a bit busier at work now, which makes for fewer updates. And makes the updates I do a mere smattering of miscellany.

On the Oscars: Boring boring boring. Good dresses, and boring.

I did not audition for the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice on Saturday. This is for the best, as it turned out that they had people lined up at 3 am since the Trump version was also auditioning. I had no intention of actually trying to get on the show, I merely wanted to go do a great Donna Reed hyperdomestic act and see what happened.

Now that the Circa site is up and running, I am free to work on the WittyKnits site that's in my head. So I drew up some sketches and maps earlier, and will be trying to get that up in the next few weeks/months. Also, since the yarn shop is apparently a no-go (in addition to Knitter's Mercantile opening a store, it seems the Wolfe space is still to be a shop--I've got no details beyond that)I'm also getting together my plan of attack for teaching/knitting parties. I'm going to apply to teach with the UA Lifelong Learning program. Any locals know of other places that might need a knitting instructor?

On the new Tori Amos album, The Beekeeper: eh. I hate to say it, but this one isn't grabbing me. Then again, I didn't like Boys for Pele when it came out, and it's my favorite of hers. It's not horrible, it's just not up to her standards. What I hate more though, is stupid music critics who suggest things like "motherhood has mellowed her out" or whatever. They'd never say that about a male musician, they'd just say "he's had a misstep" or something. Grrrrr.... I haven't gotten the DVD out yet though--perhaps there'll be some redemption there.

Getting closer on the homebuying front. We have one session left in my How to Buy a House class, which is the real estate attorney. So far we've had the realtors, a lender and a home inspector. It's not a lot of new info, but it's good to know I know what I'm doing. I think I've shelved the idea of a downtown condo, as anything with enough space/more than 1 BR is starting in the $260K range, which is well above my range. Not cool. I don't care if it's tax-abated, I can't swing that. So Clintonville/North Campus it will be for me, most likely. And I've found a few decently affordable things online, so I think it's do-able. I'll get pre-approved in the next couple weeks and pick a realtor and get things moving. As I told [livejournal.com profile] automat76 yesterday, it's possible that last year was my last Comfest as a local. Scary!

Finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time yesterday, just in time for book club next week. I liked this a lot, as I found myself identifying so much with the narrator. I do all these odd things that he does. And it spurred an obsessive bout of Minesweeper last night, as I tried desperately to beat his best time. No such luck. We also read (re-read for me) the Nick Hornby edited anthology, Speaking with the Angel, which I love. I need to skim over some of those stories again before Monday.

Knitting: I am plugging along on my sister's wedding gift, with 20 weeks and 18.5 afghan squares to go.

Here's the first completed one behind the cut )

That's a cable based on the DNA helix. And that popcorn stitch on the edges is addictive. Luckily the second square which I'm working on now also has it.

Also working on a cardigan for me (about 30% done), a hat for my mom's birthday that's coming out very cool (about 75% done), the second legwarmer for me. Starting soon: Bad penny (short sleeved raglan) for me and a lacey flower shawl for me. All for me!!

Tonight: Million Dollar Baby with B. This weekend: possibly a Joanna Newsom show Saturday, Stitch n' Bitch and much knitting.

Also need to figure out what to cook for ICFD: Foods on a stick battle. I wanna do something totally wacky, yet yummy.


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