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I think I'm eternally doomed to know/date people who become famous, at least tangentially.

First, we had the editor ex, who popped up here a few months back, then there's my friend Rob who is a TV writer now, etc. etc. And the icing on the cake, my college bf, who got discovered as a model and worked the runways in Tokyo, Milan, New York and elsewhere, and who graced the pages of GQ and Details and the like in Prada ads a couple of years ago.

I just found him on myspace, where he also has a band/. They seem to be legit--have played both Knitting Factory and CBGBs.

I'm glad for him, but I hope all this fame around me isn't ruining my own odds of success. *

*Not that I equate fame with success by any means, but you know, I just wonder if being associated with successful people has any bearing on one's own possibilities for similar success. Like how I think it would be impossible for me to become a pop star with my own name, because there's a particularly skanky one with the same last name as me already. Not that I sing, but ....I'm babbling.
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If it wasn't bad enough that I am hungover, I apparently have a cold/sinus thing too.

But last night was at least worth the hangover.

On Wednesday, [livejournal.com profile] automat76 texted me to see if I could help her pick up her car from the mechanic. We did that, then we decided to watch a movie (The Island--Ewan McGregor AND Scarlett Johannson -- eye candy galore!) which we didn't end up finishing until nearly 2 am. So I crashed down there, then got up, drove back to my place and was showered and out the door again before the roommates had even risen!

I left my new pearl ring, the one I bought myself at Winterfair, at her house though. So she brought it over last night after work, and suggested that we, along with [livejournal.com profile] spandita grab a drink at Blondie's. So we set out. Blondie's was closed, so we decided to go to Surly, as B&J had been texting me from there earlier. Alas, they were long gone, so we sat down for a beer (I have yet to have a bad beer from Bell's -- I got the Brown something this time). Then we decided to go down the street to Bodega, where there was some sort of 70s skating pre-party happening. The Stealthy Phone Number Guy was there, but I did not get a chance to say hello, what with dodging all the emo kids in short shorts. We had a drink there, then decided to go on our way once more, this time stopping at Havana. I haven't been to Havana since before STS and I moved away. Wow. How quickly we forget the strength of those cocktails.

We caught the tail end of a drag show, headed up by one Miss Nina West, who we all went to college with. That was cool. What's not cool. Deciding, after heading back to the car (after a stop for Hershey bars at UDF) to go back into Surly. We had a lovely dinner, and unfortunately, another round of drinks.

Yikes. I made it to work for 2 hours today, before I gave up, due to excessive post-nasal drip and general hangoverness. I think New Year's came early for me. Which is fine. I've been wanting to put this year to bed since August or so, and now that I have good work prospects, possible good boy prospects and friends who are behaving normally, I fully believe 2006 will be much better. Yay.
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In an effort to post something a bit more happy, I'll now give y'all some photos from my Comfest Weekend.

And I'll even put them back behind this cut )

Wanna see the whole shebang? Check it out.
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It's not like I saw [livejournal.com profile] yerpretty everyday or anything. Somehow my brain seems to want to make me feel bad for being so upset right now. Like grief is supposed to be proportional to the amount of time you've spent with someone. Rationally, I know that's idiotic, but I'm not really all that rational right now.

I found the toothbrush he left at my house in my bathroom cabinet while reaching for the floss last night. What to do with things like this? I deleted his email from the stitch n' bitch group tonight. At least if his family gets access to his email they won't have to wade through those emails.

The funeral was this morning. What a weird experience. I've never been to a funeral for anyone under the age of 70 or so before. He was 29. So many friends there.

I kept imagining how he'd be reacting to what was going on. I think most of his friends were. The service was just not him. Way too much Jesus. When we walked in, the pianist was playing Tori Amos' "A Sorta Fairytale," then went into a couple Sarah McLachlan songs. Not his choices, but not that bad. But when the acoustic guitar Christian rock performance happened, I could just see the look of amused disbelief on his face. I can see the way he would have thrown his arms up to ask "What?" I know I wasn't alone in thinking that.

When the minister read something from Revelations that included the phrase "a bride adorned for her husband" I almost started laughing, because my brain chose that moment to remember the fortune cookie fortune on my refrigerator: "A man's best possession is a sympathetic wife." That was Todd's when we got Chinese one night. We laughed until we cried when he got that, because a.) that's not a fortune and b.) Possession? Sympathetic? Ick!

The minister mentioned his smurf blue hair twice. That's one of my earliest memories of him. I was dating a friend of his at the time, and my friend D. and I were subletting a house in Victorian Village. Todd stayed with us for a few days in between places. There was much hair dying going on in that house generally. He had just gotten a job at Union Station, in the kitchen, so it was ok for him to have blue hair. Like the color of Grover. He would come over after work, and I would come home from my job out of town, and he and D. and I would watch movies on the free cable until my bf got back from his 2nd shift job. I think we watched Hackers 8 times that summer.

I made the mistake of reading parts of his lj when I got back to work. I'm not ready for that yet. Especially not the parts where we were dating or whatever we were doing. I'll have to hold off on that for a while.

I did find a mix tape he made me. I've got that playing right now, and I'm having a good cry. There were three pages, front and back, of "liner notes" with the tape. That was Todd. These things are going in my firesafe box as soon as I'm done listening tonight. I think the title was unbelievable: For Amy From Todd -- What Really Went On There? All We Have is This Excerpt. Wow.

So much stuff is in my head right now. I remember when he accidentally took a 14 year old girl on a date. When his parents told him to move out. When the guy at the gay pride store beside Union Station hit on him every single day. His terrifying driving. His unbelievably cluttered condo. His bizarre desire to train his cats to use the toilet. His love of girls in pigtails.

I keep mulling over in my head that there's got to be something more we can do to memorialize him. Something that would really mean a lot to him and really scream Todd. I'm not sure what yet. But there were so many people there today, and so many more that I know couldn't make it, and I know there were even more that I didn't know about. I think Todd's the only person I've ever known, who never met anyone and had them dislike him. Not to say we didn't get irked at each other, but I don't think anyone could stay mad at him.

I'm going to miss him like crazy.


Jan. 21st, 2005 12:11 pm
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Wow. So I was going through my planner earlier and kind of bemoaning its lack of entries (though really, I think I'm comparing it too much to the way my calendar looked when I was in college--not a way I want it to look again). And then, after having the thought of "I should schedule a time to have lunch with my friend J" she herself emailed me. She is having a dinner at her house next weekend with several of our friends from high school (and in several cases, grade school). One of our best hs friends (he of the spanking story)just got done with a tour of duty with the air force in the Middle East and is safely back in the country now, and will be visiting South Chuck, so she's getting some people together. Excellent. I will have to skip a mardi gras party to attend, but I think, since I haven't seen some of these people in 11 years, that I can do that. Plus, that means I don't have to rush to make a mask for the party. Or maybe I'll still rush to make the mask, but will wear it to J's party instead.

Serves them right for voting me "most revolutionary" in high school. I'll revolutionize wearing garments for the face!!! Or something.
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I feel as if it's been forever since I've written here. And it kind of has. But I had adventures this weekend, so here they will be:

Friday: Went to meet kids at Club 185. Freaked myself out by drinking 4 pints of beer (5 according to the waitress, but I'm not so sure about that) and not really feeling it. I wouldn't have driven on principle, but still. I did drink a lot more than normal last week, what with random beer outings, a partylite candle party and such, but can one's tolerance really ramp up that much that fast? Odd. Anyway, 185 was cool, if a bit fratty/yuppie, and it was much fun to catch up with some of the kids I hadn't seen in a while.

Saturday: I got almost everything done on my errand list! Got up early, and was at the Aveda Institute for my haircut by 9:30. The girl was just starting in the program, but she did a wonderful job. I am addicted to that place, with it's stress relief massages and mini-facials and free makeup touchup included in nearly everything. Then I ran to the Wash n' Tan to do laundry, which was much overdue. Went home, played phone tag with [livejournal.com profile] spandita while washing dishes, catching up on email and such, then met him at Northstar Cafe for a late lunch. Oh that place is heavenly,if not supplied with enough tables for the number of patrons. We ended up eating at the couches, where I enjoyed a lovely beet salad. I don't even like beets that much, but this was heavenly!

Then it was phone tag with [livejournal.com profile] automat76 to determine our departure time, throwing stuff in my suitcase (luckily still sitting out from the holidays) and a last minute trip to Wolfe Fiber Arts for discount bin yarn. Picked her up, then we tried to stop at a bridal shop in Dublin so I could try on my bridesmaid's gown for my sister's wedding. I'm already peeved because I'm not liking that dress much, but I did my homework and printed out the dress and checked the store's website for hours, so I felt prepared. Perhaps not. They close their dressing rooms an hour before the store, and I must have an appt to try on the dress. Stupid !$#^%^ wedding industry. I think I'm ordering the dress on measurements alone now. I'm sick of that crap.

We drove on to Cleveland, checked in to our freebie hotel, where there was a church across the street broadcasting its service throughout the block. At one point, I actually heard the words "Give God a handclap." OK. Random primping, then on to the Beachland for the show. Only got minorly lost on the way there. The show was awesome. The room looked like a high school gym/auditorium, and it was *packed*. The Sadies were on first, and [livejournal.com profile] automat76 dubbed them "surfabilly." I concur. Then Neko Case came out and they played with her too. Excellent show, if a bit short seeming at first, but excellent. She's totally crazy. But in a good way.

Then it was back to the hotel for pizza and chatting. Mmmmmm...pizza.

Sunday: I awoke to the sounds of snowplows, as a snowshower had started during the night. We got ready, and checked out, and then made our way to Fine Points, which is a stellar yarn store. I overspent, but got good stuff for my trip to Kripalu, so it was worth it. Then we went on to Mentor, to the Olive Garden where my sister works. Minor confusion ensued over actually getting into her section, but eventually it worked, and we had our lovely lunch. Then it was back in the car, for the trip home. At one point, we decided to stop so I could refill my windshield washer fluid, and it was at this point where my car decided to stop shooting it out completely. So there were several unscheduled stops to toss fluid onto the windshield with a dixie cup in order to clean off the salt. Fun. (It's still not working, so I don't know if I knocked something loose or what.) Got home about 7:30, and watched Simpsons at [livejournal.com profile] automat76's place, then I went home and crashed out from a migraine. I don't know if it's the drive or what, but every single time I go to Cleveland, I have a headache on the way home.

That's a lot of time to be in a car anyway--I think I'm getting old. My right arm has carpal tunnel-esque symptoms coming back in it, and I attribute that to driving. Grrrrr....

Monday: A day off, and I got lots of ebay stuff listed and managed to get the colorwork on my next knitty submission finished, and most of my Magic Stripes sock done. So it was a successful day.

Whew. I'm almost glad to be back at work.


Sep. 8th, 2003 09:40 am
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Friday -- the fish sickness. Don't care to repeat that.

Saturday -- Drove 3 hours to Cleveland Heights to B's bridal shower. There were only two of us from Columbus there, but luckily, I knew one of B's sisters already, and there was a friend of B's from high school who was fun too. Everyone else was family. All 50 of them. Stayed about 3 hours, did toilet paper bride and all that, and ate yummy food catered by Aladdin. Then drove 3 hours back. I did stop at the outlet malls near Akron, but only found a couple of things. Not like the shopping fest that ensued after my failed Jeopardy! audition last year. Watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Saturday night with [livejournal.com profile] automat76. I liked it, but was definitely not expecting the ending. Wow.

Sunday -- BestFriend and I went to the "tomato farm" and picked a few more pounds. Then we canned about 5 pints of salsa from all the cherry, orange, and yellow pear tomatoes. We still have probably 10 pounds of regular tomatoes left. I think we're going to try to can spaghetti sauce later in the week. I'm just glad we have pressure cookers now, because last year we did pickles and tomatoes with my water bath canner and that was a very long hot day.
Sunday night, went to [livejournal.com profile] yerpretty's friends house and had dinner. Super-yummy ratatouille. We shall have to determine whose friends are better cooks. This is going to be a tough one. Iron Chef ginger is next week, so perhaps that will be the deciding battle.

I had really screwy dreams last night. The first involved running into this guy from work and making him show me all the things he got his wife for her birthday. It was a little strange, because I felt like I was prying in the dream, but then he made me finish his shopping with him. I kept seeing people from high school in the mall.

Then, I was being honored in some way by the government (ok--not gonna happen). I was at this big ceremony, and all these governmental dignitaries and such were there in black suits, and we were standing on really steep risers on stage. I was right next to Shrubya, who was wearing no jacket, and no tie, just a rumpled dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I was very offended by this, especially when he started muttering under his breath about "too much ceremonial bullcrap in this job." Wow. I never want to dream about him again.

OK, back to the videos. Gotta get the headphones out and listen to the sound of my own voice again. Joy.
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I was at work until 9:30 this evening. Why can't people find my code defects during the actual workday? I left once two of the developers actually put a Jethro Tull CD on!!! When another guy asked me to explain who Jethro Tull even was, I knew I needed to get out of there.

Went out after work with STS, B, M & TK. BestFriend joined us later and we ran into BoyWonder and R, who I haven't seen in months, and who is a changed man since his recent Prince Albert. Wow. We ended up at Skully's. The music was better than usual--they played the KLF into Deee-lite! And I love dancing with STS, so we had a blast. For some reason, if I'm dancing with women, I can't really dance without wondering what's going on around me, but STS and I just don't care. I couldn't find him when I left because I'd gone out for air and the dance floor was packed when I came back in.

I think I truly offended TK with my disparaging comments about The Cult. He seriously got up from the table for a while. But then again, half the bar came out onto the patio when that started playing, so I think I was ultimately vindicated.

Now I'm going to take a bubble bath with Devil Duckie. Hooray.
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Woke up this morning, and the headache is still here. Even after the bath and Imitrex last night. I just took a couple of Excedrin and they're helping a little. I also realized I've been through half a bottle of Excedrin in the past two weeks. That used to be normal (a couple of years ago) but hasn't been lately. That's very odd.

I'm also scratching myself to death. I've got bug bites all over my ankles and feet. I can't figure out where I got them, but I have the sneaking suspicion there's a bug in my house. Grrrrrr....

At Target yesterday, I picked up some hair dye. I've officially gotten the obsession again. Must make hair red! It's a slightly different color from what I used to do (which was a very unnatural, dark dark burgandy) but it's still plenty red. My hairdresser is going to kill me when I go in to get my trim on Saturday, but I can't afford to have her do it for me. I'm plenty vain, but $125 is just too much to spend on hair in my book. Maybe she'll give me a freebie if I whine. I've been going to her for 5 years and through 2 salons now. Wow.

Work is slow, but should be picking up. Unfortunately, that's because I just found out one of the consultants who does the same type of stuff I do is leaving the project. I hope that doesn't mean she got laid off. So after this week, we'll be down to 3 women and ~25 men over here.

I'm starving. And it's not even noon. I've been an eating machine lately during the day, then have had no appetite at night until I'm ready to go to bed. Maybe my blood sugar's wacky and causing the headaches. Oh, look at me grasping at straws now.

I told t. a couple weeks ago that I never dream about teeth. And then last night I had a weird dream about some bizarre dentist. I was getting my wisdom teeth out (I've already been through that twice in real life) and the dentist showed me my teeth in a mirror and told me he was going to have to do a general anesthetic because I had some wacky fang thing coming out from under one of my molars. But, he kept trying to tell me not to do it, because the anesthetic would probably give me arthritis. What?! Then he enlisted my mom, who was in the waiting room to come in and argue with me because I was insisting on having the surgery anyway (the fang was freaking me out.) Odd.

Alright, I'm going to go organize my college homecoming hotel and stuff (5 year reunion already?!) and find out who is coming with me and who isn't. I also need to email the radio station manager to see if there are alumni slots left for the 50th anniversary. I want to resurrect the ChickRock hours so badly! We stay at this swanky hotel every year and act obnoxious, but not nearly so obnoxious as the frat boys reclaiming their lost youth. Should be fun. Will have to find out if the people I actually hung out with in college are going to be there, and I should probably send D. a message by then so that it's not horribly awkward if I see him there.
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I'm so thrilled with myself right now. Not only did I get the sink unclogged, but I'm ripping through the dirty dishes like nobody's business. If I get the garage sale stuff unloaded from the car today too, I think the whole planet may actually explode. So maybe I shouldn't risk it.

I did give myself a crappy errand to run, and it means going back to Easton again. Grrr...I bought this lip gloss that I love (Stila) but the color is atrocious! It's called "plum shine" which I thought was going to be this delightful sheer purplish color. But no. It's more of an "Amy trying to be goth circa 1992" color. Not my look right now. So that's going to get returned.

I decided to let myself sleep in as long as I wanted this morning. BestFriend came over last night to drop off a couple of pounds of tomatoes, and we ended up drinking tea and chatting for a while, so I didn't get to bed as early as I'd intended. But this morning, I was awakened at 9:30 by the phone. It was STS. I didn't pick it up, but when I finally got out of bed (after noon....oops!) and checked the voicemail, it was him calling for outfit advice regarding what he should wear to walk down the red carpet at the Emmy's. For real. I just talked to him a little bit ago, and it seems he and I. bid on an all-expenses paid trip to the Emmy's in a charity auction at some party last night and they won, so they are going. How weird. They also adopted two puppies at the event, bringing their dog total to 4. One Rottweiler, one mixed breed with the tail from hell, and 2 Labrador/Irish Setter mixes. They're making it harder and harder for me to come over to visit, I swear.

I'm working on yet another migraine right now. I should have taken some medicine a while ago, but decided to attack it with caffeine instead. When will I learn that this rarely ever works? Yuck. In other ailment news, my entire body seems to be covered with bruises, including an awful one on my left elbow that makes leaning on it painful. I have no idea how I got them. This happens every so often to me, but I have no clue why. Guess I'll have to go to WebMD to diagnose myself with some new disease. I'm such a hypochondriac.

It's off to do the laundry now, so that I actually have something normal looking to wear to work tomorrow. Though I did get this kick ass peasant skirt at TJ Maxx yesterday for $6.00. I had tried it on last year at Express, but didn't want to spend $60.00 on something so froufy looking. For $6.00 I couldn't pass it up though. So tomorrow will be a girly day. I should take bets on how long it takes one of the programmers to say, "Hey, you're dressed up today!" since that happens every single time I wear a skirt, even if I'm wearing it with a T-shirt and sneakers.

I will probably have fun laundromat stories to tell once I get back. Joy.
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OK. I've been writing this stuff at work because I'm bored and then waiting to post it until I get home because I'm afraid they'll see what I'm doing. Grrr....

Anyway. I've decided the whole using a pill to skip a period thing was not the greatest idea ever. I've had one level 8 migraine, a smaller one that I was able to head off and I'm working on a third right now. And I'm getting all those PMS symptoms that I've been lucky to miss for most of my life. Earlier this week, my breasts were enormous and painful. I mean like frickin' huge (Boywonder said he did not notice last night but I am not certain he's the best judge.) Not fun. And now I've got cramps and what I like to refer to as "wacky head." As in, I feel totally unable to interact with other people, and then when I do I overanalyze every word and gesture of a conversation. Turn it off, turn it off!!

My libido is out of control too. And who was it who was complaining about a lack of drive a few months ago? I should watch what I wish for.

The libido thing is definitely evident from the haikus that S, E, BestFriend and I have been writing regarding our plan to invite Rodney Yee to dinner. Examples here. )

Tonight will finally be the night I get some domestic chores done. I will hopefully find my film cartridges so I can go get the enlargements of my photos from Kripalu in February done. (Someday I will also scan and post these -- I got some pretty good shots.) I'm also meeting the girls at B's house to stuff her wedding invitations. I think I'm the only one who thinks this sounds fun though, so it may be a tense evening.

Tomorrow's a free ballet performance on the riverfront. I know B&J will be interested, but I'm wondering who else I can drag along. I'm hoping for a low-key not-too-late Friday night, so that the weekend can actually be productive.
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Okay. The yoga teacher warned us that we’d have weird dreams last night after all the opening we did in class. Mine weren’t that strange, but it was incredibly vivid. I was with a girl from work, and she was taking me into her dorm room to show me something out on her makeshift balcony (which I think was a reference to the pigeons on the balcony story from yoga class last night anyway). The dorm was on the farm I grew up on behind the barn. I don’t remember details, but it was a classic me dream, in that there was a lot of searching inside a building and traveling going on. I’ll have to look up what this stuff means when I get home this evening.

Tonight is a happy hour with S & E, etc. S&E have been trying for a few months now to fix me up with a friend of theirs who they used to work with. He is a nice guy, and very funny, but I think he would be so much better with BestFriend. He’s just not my type at all. The last couple times we’ve all been in a group together, he and BF have been in their own conversation anyway, so I’m not sure why they’re still trying with me. Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell them tonight to switch their tactics.

I’m going to have sore arms by the end of the day. I’m wearing my new “waitress dress” and I didn’t realize that the cap sleeves were going to restrict my movement so much but driving and typing are difficult.

Speaking of driving, mom just emailed to say that my sister wrecked her car….again. This is the third time, in the 2 years she’s had the car. And this one was her fault. So she won’t be in this weekend for my birthday. Maybe if I go up to the radiohead show later this month I’ll pop on up to Cleveland proper to see her.
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Hung out with T. last night. Had a whole lot of fun (which made me wonder why I didn't say "Hey, it's me!" when I've seen him out before), but over-caffeinated myself and didn't sleep until very late (not that that is a new thing at all).

So today was a day that dragged on and on and on, but less from the lack of sleep and more from the incredible soreness that has overtaken my body. Seems I overdid it a bit more than I'd thought in yoga class last night. It's the "Impossible Poses" class and we were doing stuff that leads up to a couple of deep twisting leg holds, including an arm balancing one. Closest picture I could find is here but rotate that photo, twist her arm on the floor around the extended leg and have her balanced on one leg and one arm. I actually was surprised that I got as far as I did, but I have a lot of ease in my spine for twisting. My leg was nowhere near off the ground, but that's ok. Now I feel like someone tried to break my ribs though.

In other news....STS & I. are famous. SMA gave his official notice to his job (via a limerick) before he leaves for Spain, and BestFriend has another new cool freelance gig. I am contemplating applying for a job I saw on monster today. It's the same job I have now basically (user interface designer) but it's at aol, so it probably pays a bit more. Of course, they're notorious for hiring then firing six months later, so there would be a lot of hard questions from me if I got an interview.

Tomorrow night I think a whole bunch of us are going to see Ween, which should be fun. Then pretty much the rest of this weekend will be devoted to finishing up my math class. Then I get to decide if I'm going to keep going to school of not. Sigh.
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So, last night really was fun. )

So, today's been fairly non-productive on the whole. I woke up early, but then went back to sleep until noon, then went off to Panera for lunch. I had the IC Honeydew Green Tea drink thingee. It was interesting. After the first sip, I thought I wasn't going to be able to drink it, but then I got used to it. (What I didn't get used to was the half-inch diameter straw they served it with. Odd.) Then I went up to Half Price to sell some old books, and of course spent more than the $7.00 they gave me. I got a Henry James novel and a new portfolio (with the intent to write my latest novel idea out in it), some stuff for the gift exchange if we do the "All Leo Birthday Party" we've been talking about, and, the crowning achievement...a copy of Amy Rigby's _Sugar Tree_! It has a lot of her best stuff on it, including "Cynically Yours," which she played the other night and that I've been campaigning for BF to play at B&J's wedding when she DJs the reception.

Finished In the Time of the Butterflies today. I love love love Julia Alvarez. I'm hoping she's got something new coming out soon, because I don't have anything left of hers to read now!

Was thinking about going up to the cheap theatre tonight to see something, but there's not really anything out I want to see. So it'll be math homework tonight and cleaning tomorrow. And hopefully some yoga in there too somewhere. I signed up for the workshop in "Approaching Impossible Poses" and I'm a little scared now. Plus, I need to get ready for the Rodney Yee workshop in September. It's closer than I like to think about.
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This has been an odd weekend. No homework, because next week is the week between trimesters at Franklin, before I get to start my summer session with not 1 but 2 classes--Java and Discrete Math. The math is on online course, so I think it'll be ok, but I was warned that the full-time workers usually do things one class at a time. I'm impatient though. My plan is to do this for this trimester, then in the Fall, do the next programming class and test out of the presentational software, access and WWW design courses. That way I'll have credit for almost a full-time load at the end of this year. I'm crafty like that.

Friday night, I went to Mary's yoga class and that was fun. Afterward BestFriend, Boy Wonder and I had yummy veg food at Whole World, then went back to BF's house to watch DVDs (she just got a player). We watched Dr. Strangelove. I had no idea how apropos to the current situation in the world that would be. We enjoyed it, then both BW and I crashed there for the night.

I ended up going home in late morning, only to spend the whole day in bed with a killer headache. Then BF had people over on her back porch last night. Our friend M got engaged last weekend to her boyfriend of 5 years. Well, this week it got called off and she is now moving out. She's ok, but we all sat around and had girl talk, which was good. I did my laundry while we were there too.

So today is Easter and I have to drive to Chillicothe to my aunt's house. Not a fun drive, especially for someone like me who hates to drive. I will have to find my discman and speakers to take with me in the car.

We are interviewing people for the second web job like my current one this week. I hope the user interface job that is probably going to be mine in the IT department posts this week. That way, when I leave, I can tell the boss to just hire her first and second choices out of the batch we're interviewing now, and all will be smooth. Hopefully that will delay the power trip she WILL try with me later. Fun.

Must go find my easter dress now and eat some more yogurt (this webMD thing has me od'ing on calcium.) I lost what looked like 5# this week, but most of that is probably water. Just a shaving off on the inches too, which is what I'm really more worried about. I pulled out the summer clothes last night and tried to wear my short jeans from last year, but there was no way they were zipping. All I ask is to fit in what I already own!!! :-)
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Okay. It's spring. That means, well, you know....

So there's a back story on this one (aka 'Why the boy I have a crush on thinks I don't like boys.') )

Then....last month, I was in the downtown library, between work and class, when I caught sight of JM in the lobby, near the JavaMaster kiosk there. Not having any time to chat, I didn't get a chance to say "hi" but figured he might be working there, so I checked back a few times after work, but never caught him. Then, about 3 weeks ago, I went to pick up a book during lunchtime (the library is less than a block from my office) and there he was. So I got lunch there and talked to him briefly, found out he works there days, then at the restaurant nights. And re-established that he is a stellar specimen of my perfect guy in the looks department not to mention that he's got an incredible personality (the order of these things is probably having a lot to do with the season again there).

For the next week or so, I drove everyone I know crazy with babble about my crush on JM, finally being returned, a mere 3 years later. So everyone's response is, "Ask him to have a drink with you." My response being, "OK fine, but at what point do I drop in the part about 'oh, by the way, I know you think I'm a lesbian, but I'm not?"

So, last night, STS and his partner and I decided to go out for dinner at the restaurant where JM works. But, said partner got sidetracked and didn't come, so it was just the two of us. We were seated on the patio (did I mention that the place was voted "Most Romantic Dinner Spot" 3 years in a row?") and JM was working. Not our section, but nearby. By this point I've gotten STS's full approval that he is indeed perfect for me (not that he's biased or anything.) But JM was really busy and (with good reason) not even noticing us.

Until he brought out our dessert. Which we were sharing. Doh!!!

So, we said a quick "Hi, how are you." and he apologized for not noticing me earlier. I swooned like a school girl over the ice cream after he left. STS gagged a little more at my seemingly 14 year old state. We were both pretty much convinced that I'd convinced him that I was interested in boys, but unfortunately now I'm positive he thinks I'm dating STS. I can't win!

(If a romantic comedy were to be made of my life right now, JM would be played by Jimmy Fallon. Would I be Janeane Garafalo (yay!) or (horror of all horrors) someone perky and cheerful like Meg Ryan?)

So this morning, I had an email from the library that a book I'd requested was in. I took this as fate. I went over around lunchtime to pick it up, then got in line at the JavaMaster. JM was working, and again super-busy. But, strangely enough, I ended up being the last person in the rush. So we got to chat a minute, which was cool, about how busy the restaurant was last night, etc. etc. I am sooooooo bad at small talk, so this is a very very huge step for me. I didn't even feel my face turn pink until I'd left. We really babbled about nothing, but I didn't manage to slip in the "single girl" thing because I couldn't figure out how to do it without seeming desperate. So I left with my latte (which he wouldn't let me pay for--good sign? or just like old times?) and possibly my dignity and went back to work in a giddy mood with a big grin on my face.

I figure, if nothing else, it's good to have a crush again. And this one is even fairly healthy, though it may not sound like it here, because he is:
a. smart, sensitive and exceedingly sexy
b. non-threatening (yes, I'm Lisa Simpson) and
c. not a project boy, of which I need no more.

And, I have a few more books on reserve that aren't in yet, so I have an excuse to go over the library more during the day. I may take our admin with me, as she has been designated the dept. relationship counselor as of late.

This concludes the hormonal/spring-induces panting over cute-boy for today. I now return you to the rest of my overanalyzing, self-obsessed journal.
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I got a little out of habit in posting here, but I'll try to do some major updates in this post.

First thing, boy and I called it quits, and surprisingly to me, it was mutual. After playing phone tag for *two weeks* we finally got on the phone and he brought the topic up. We both agreed it wasn't working and have gone back to friends. I think we've each emailed each other once since then (this was about 5 weeks ago) which just reemphasizes that point that we are both too busy for such a relationship right now. So far, so good.

I still have the unexplainable, unrequited crush on HotGuy. Hmmmph. Have only seen him a few times, but never with the same degree of connection as the night of the haircut. He moves to Seattle in less than two weeks, and though I'll see him several times before then, I don't think I'll even bother thinking about it much anymore. Oh well.

I did find out that a guy at work has had a crush on me for approximately 2 years (the whole time I've worked there). It's nice to have something good at work, since the boss' boss is getting absurdly intolerable for our whole department. The strange thing is, I guess the boy with the crush is so smitten with me, he is too nervous to talk to me. I find this terribly adorable in it's own way. The funny thing is, I had always referred to him in my head as "The Cute Boy in Health Care" despite the fact that he was, until January, the only boy in Health Care. I do think I'd probably go out with him if he asked, but I can't ask him, or else he'll realize that my co-worker let out his secret. It's kind of like high school, but much more endearing.

I leave for Seattle tomorrow morning. I'm both looking forward to it and kind of wary about it. I've never traveled for such a long time (5 days) and such a long distance by myself before. But, I have been there once before and am familiar with the area I'm staying in. I have several activities planned for myself, so that I don't stay in the hotel all evening. I plan to visit at least one yoga studio, and to go to the Archie McPhee store (to do some bday shopping for friends). The conference I'm going to should also be good, and it's not such a terribly hectic schedule that I'll be over there all the time. Then again, I got to take a laptop from work with me, and I'd better churn out some work while I'm there, or there may be some grousing about why I really needed it in the first place. It really started as a just in case kind of thing, but I ended up taking on a couple projects to work on while there, so I'd better produce results. I'll probably be able to get the bulk on one done on the flight there anyway.

I'd probably better go finish packing. I got the suitcase done this morning, but the carry on is still sprawled on the bed. Must check the laptop battery as well. And it might be nice to clean up the downstairs a bit so that when BestFriend comes to water the flowers, she doesn't trip over everything. And then I get to come back to a clean apartment too. Yay.

Just realized that I'd fully intended to go on a bike ride this evening and I've waited until far too late. I've only had the bike a week, so I'm not up for nighttime riding yet. And now it will be a week before I can do it again. I'll have to go through all the soreness and such again. It's my own fault though.

Off to tackle the carry on and then to bed early so I can get up before STS comes to pick me up for the airport!
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Okay, this week has been unbelievable. I was at work until nearly 7 pm two nights, then figured out at 4:30 on Thursday that I'd be out all day Friday at a training class. I've tried to send myself some files here at home so I can work this weekend but so far, I've had nothing but problems with that, so it looks like I might actually have to go in to the office this weekend. Ugh.

On the relationship front, I've decided (I think) that I need to let the boy know that this still isn't working. He's so out of touch with my life right now, and while that isn't entirely his fault, I can't help but feel a lack of hope for us right now, because every little nitpicky thing he does bothers me. Plus, I'm not sure I want to be in a relationship at all right now. I hate having to deal with this.

Watched Ghost World and Following last night with BestFriend. Both were funny. and good. I was glad that Following was so good after having watched that crappy Insomnia a few weeks ago. HotGuy briefly stopped by and left again and there was a hi with no tension. Good.

I'm cleaning the house today so that I can not feel guilty about spending time working on sewing projects that I loaded up on yesterday. I hope I don't lose my impulse to do this before I finish!

Hopefully will be seeing either The Independent or The Importance of Being Ernest tonight, though I may have to settle for YaYa Sisterhood if the boys get their way. Hmmmph.
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So, yesterday was BoyWonder's birthday and he, R., STS, his partner I. and I went to G. Michael's for dinner. Was a great dinner--had a fabulous waiter-in-training, who made a bit of a gaff midway through the meal after asking BoyWonder if he was allergic to nuts, and then letting us (and his trainer) riff with that one. Lovely night.

BoyWonder, upon opening his cards from STS and me, observed that it made him kind of sad that we knew him quite so well. He was half kidding, and I think he really meant "wistful" more than "sad," but I understand what he means. Where is the mystery when there are no secrets? Something to ponder.

Haven't talked to my boy for a few days. He called Monday night but I was at yoga class, and I emailed him to explain the whole stayed at work until 7 Monday and came in at 7 Tuesday business. He emailed a oneliner today to say he'd call tonight, but I may be out with STS.

I'm not trying to avoid him, it's just that I have an incredible lack of enthusiasm for our relationship right now, and I'm really trying hard to sort out how this is fair to him. I feel a bit like George Costanza in the episode where he breaks up with his girlfriend, and she says "No." I felt like this last time I was out there when we "discussed" everything too. I don't see how this is getting any better. I'm afraid that the conclusion I'm drawing is that I have many many priorities that come before him, but that he is still important enough to me that I won't let him hang on for dear life the way he's trying to. I see no good that can come out of a relationship that's as lopsided as ours feels right now. I just don't know how I'll make him understand that part. Oh well.

Must get home now. More later likely.
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So....I've just come out from a night of cocktailing with the boys (BoyWonder, BoyWonder's long distance bf, and R.) and have once again been reminded of the epiphany I had a few weeks ago.

For the past 10 years or so, basically ever since college, I've had a large percentage of friends who are gay men. I believe that my parents and probably most of my extended family "wonder" about this. I just assumed that something about me was "magnetic" or whatever, but I think I've finally figured it out.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I've never really dated casually--I've either been in a relationship or single. Going along with that is the fact that whomever I've dated--male or female--has usually been a close friend first. Which brings me to the epiphany I've had: gay men are safe for friends, as I cannot possibly date them. Something to ponder.

Tonight was cool, though I've no idea how I'm going to get up in the morning. The four of us went to Betty's and drank these incredible cocktails called Mondo Bubble Explosion or something like that. Finlandia Cranberry, Champagne and Framboise. Smelled like Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Yummy. Four of them (and a collective $120 bar tab, as well as spotting the Hottie) later, we went to Havana for one more drink. Of course, this was where BoyWonder and said bf had a great deal of conversation about their relationship, etc etc ad nauseum.

So, I've given the bf license to drop me a line if he needs to talk, have vented to him just a bit about my own bf and have tentatively planned to go to arts fest Sunday with R. (That is, after all, where we were all supposed to go in the first place tonight.)

Eventful, but fun for the most part. I hope BoyWonder and partner get this straightened out to the point where they are both happy. I just figured out tonight that they haven't been quite on the same page for several months now, which isn't the best situation. R. is someone I need to talk to more. He may be more independent than me, and he gets most of my current issues with my bf and my space issues, despite our long distance thing.

So now, I've taken a shower to rid myself of the smoke smell, doused myself with Brita and am off to bed to try to get up before 8 to get to mom's by 9. Seems slightly unlikely at this point. I'm just crossing my fingers for no hangover in the morning. I'm not drunk now, but one never knows.

Off to beddy bye, with thumping dance music pounding in my ears still.


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