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I'm really pissed off. Someone in the endocrinologist's office called me yesterday with my Vitamin D test results. Of course, she didn't leave the results on my cell phone, and I can't get reception on it in the office. And she didn't call my office phone. So I called her back 5 minutes after she called. They said she'd gone to lunch, and would have her call me back. At 4 pm, I still didn't have a call, so I called again. Here's how that went:

Bitchy receptionist: She's gone for the day.
Me: Is there anyone else who could give me those results.
BR: She's gone for the day.
Me: I'm sorry, is there anyone else who could give me the results.
BR: Please hold.

So then I ended up on hold with a ringing phone for another five minutes before I hung up.

I called back this morning. I got put on hold three times. The phone would go dead for about 3 minutes, then would ring me back to the main receptionist. The third time when she asked me to hold, I said "I've been on hold for 10 minutes." I told her who I needed to speak with and indicated I needed the results before my doctor's appt today and that I'd been calling since yesterday. She took down my info and said she'd pass a message "back to the back." Great. That gives me utter confidence that I'll hear back in about a year.

What. the. hell. This is the same doctor who pissed me off by starting to talk about egg donation after she diagnosed me and argued with me when I said I didn't particularly want kids. And the same office that failed to get my records to the doctor they referred me to despite having three weeks to do so. I have not been impressed. I realize they are busy, but I don't particularly like being given the run around like this with information about my body!!!
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Y'know, I have long had issues with the way our society/laws deal with the question of prostitution. I'm not totally convinced it should be criminal, and we certainly prosecute prostitutes and johns in very different ways, which I don't see as fair.

But the fact that local news stations are running a photo and divulging the name of a woman who has been previously arrested for prositution, and disclosing her positive HIV status because she's a "danger to the community"? WTF? How is that legal?

EDIT: I just emailed all four TV stations in Columbus (because they all have it on their website, or I saw it on their station last night) to express my displeasure at this. Grrrr...

EDIT again: Research:


On a quick perusal of these, it seems it's only illegal for a healthcare professional to disclose your status. Law enforcement and media seem to be able to do whatever. That last article is particularly pertinent to this situation. I still don't like it.
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How sad is it that my new touchstone for how old I am is "am I too old to audition for Reality tv?"

I guess that's all you get after you've passed the driving, voting & drinking ages. I am currently too old for Real World (which I've actually never seen) and American Idol. I am still in the range for The Apprentice (blah) and The Amazing Race (yay!)

I will not even deem things like The Bachelor & Fear Factor with the respect of checking the rules.


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