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So, I only had to go to skip=240 on my flist to catch up. What gives? ;-)

Kripalu was *fantastic*. I'm going to try to write a coherant summation here, but for more knitting related info for those of you who are interested, see my blog where I'll be posting the workshop details shortly.

Thursday evening, my original plan was to go to Wolfe Fiber Arts and grab some last minute supplies, but they'd announced the closing of the store, so I headed to The Yarn Shop instead. That actually worked out well, because I noticed Karen Allen's name on the cover of Vogue Knitting and grabbed the magazine. There's a nice 2 page article on her, and it even mentioned that she was teaching at Kripalu that weekend! This was good because I got to actually see what sort of work she does--incredible colorwork sweaters. It scared me a bit, but I knew at least I was on the right track with the yarns I was taking. Crashed at [livejournal.com profile] automat76's house so she could drive me to the airport in the morning.

I started writing these and they are long, so I'm cutting day by day, with photos
Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Oh, and for anyone who might be wondering, someone did ask Karen about her role in the Indiana Jones movies at the end of the workshop Sunday, and she said that it was never planned for her to be in the second and third movies, but if the script ever gets done for the fourth, they've told her she's in it.

I also realized that I failed to take photos of any of Karen's samples of her work in my rush Sunday, but one of the other women from the workshop is supposed to be emailing out her photos to us soon, so I'll have those then.


Jan. 27th, 2005 03:44 pm
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A week from tomorrow, I'll be flying in for vacation at a locale which currently lists its temperature as "six degrees fahrenheight, feels like -10."

It's supposed to get up to a whopping 29 on next Friday.

Someday, I will take a non-off-season trip. Someday.
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I'm going to do the Yoga of Knitting at Kripalu with Karen Allen next month. I have three weeks to figure out what all I'm taking with me--there's a fairly long list of knitting supplies she wants us to bring for the classes. We'll be designing colorwork sweaters--eek! I think I know where my Wolfe Fiber Arts gift certificate is going.

I took the dorm option to make it a bit cheaper. So I'll be bunking down with 6-22 other women. Hopefully some will be other knitters in the group. The lights out at 9:30 thing will kill me. I think I'll be going up to the solarium and knitting there, then sneaking in later.

Stupid me didn't realize I couldn't book my flight online without my frequent flier number since it's a free ticket. So hopefully, my flight won't fill up before I get home and obtain the card to book it. Otherwise, I'm in a bind, because I already ordered my "shuttle." I will be picked up in a car by a man with a sign at the airport. I feel so worldly. It's going to come to $90 for the shuttle round trip, but that's a heck of a lot better than paying $200 or more to get a rental car that will just sit on the hill all week.

If my ebay sales go well next week (read: if I get my act together and do them) then I may call back and see if I can squeeze a massage in my schedule as well. That was heavenly last time (and caused [livejournal.com profile] automat76 to exclaim "You smell like a hippy" when she picked me up at the airport).
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So I just was looking up some info on the woman who's teaching The Yoga of Knitting at Kripalu next month because I really need to determine if I'm doing this or not (would be nice to know if I owe taxes this year or not before committing, but that's unlikely to happen).

So it turns out, prior to becoming a knitting teacher, she had an acting career. She was Harrison Ford's love interest in the first Indiana Jones movie, and was also in Animal House, among other things.


Edit: Here's the link to the course if anyone's interested. When I googled I found she also owns her own yoga studio.


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