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In an effort to post something a bit more happy, I'll now give y'all some photos from my Comfest Weekend.

And I'll even put them back behind this cut )

Wanna see the whole shebang? Check it out.
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OK, so I finally uploaded the photos I took this weekend, so I can show off what I did to my head.

I have a pretty goony expression in this photo, but it shows the color pretty well. )

And here we see my stripes )

It's mellowed out a bit since I've washed it a couple times. I still wish the blonde stripes (I mean highlights) were a bit blonder, but I can fix it later. I'm kind of liking the sunkissed look though.

Now it's off to much more knitting. I've taken a couple of days off to hang out and play. So now it's catch up time.
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Some time ago, [livejournal.com profile] automat76 expressed an interest in collecting religious artwork. Specifically versions of The Last Supper, and holographic art in particular.

So imagine my surprise when I was digging through what I thought was just a box lot of picture frames and purse handles to find these at the bottom.

Behold! )

Wow. The weird thing, is that she already has a much larger framed copy of the first one, in a frame with a light. The second two are something referred to on the back of them as "3-D Lentographs." They're really impressive in their depth. Really.

So now, she has been inducted into the weird thing my family likes to call the "auction gift." :-)
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A few weeks back, I noticed a "Found cat" sign on a pole near my house.
Here is the first one I saw )

Then I saw this corrected version(I had to photoshop this to "reenact" it, as the sign was gone when I got my camera out:

out come the grammar police )

What makes me giggle is not so much the fact that the original sign noted a *tiger* had been found, but that the corrected version had to go so far as to indicate the cat was "large," thereby justifying why the original sign mistook it for a tiger.

This probably isn't as funny anymore in the explanation. But for more fun photos of my neighborhood, go here. The turtle is my favorite.
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So I took my movies back earlier, and when I came back noticed that the moon was way cool. Huge and bright and low and hazy. I tried to get a photo of it, but it was too cold to go traipsing around in the cold with the camera, especially since the batteries were dying, and I didn't have time to grab the manual to figure out how to manually set it to take decent photos at night for fear the moon would "set."

This is the best shot I got )

It's blurry, but I think it gives a pretty good image of how bright and odd it looked, just peeking up over the garage at the end of the alley.


Jan. 20th, 2005 06:58 pm
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the photo! )

There they are, with me making "ballet feet." No, they don't match, but rather, they coordinate.

I got my replacement needles from yarnmarket.com today. So now I can start on Bad Penny. Hooray!
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I was out of town most of the weekend (you can read about the yarn related aspects at WittyKnits), so the outage here wasn't a huge deal for me, except that I had to wait until now to post my before and after photos of my new haircut.

I have wash and wear hair again! Woo-hoo!

Before (I have just rolled out of bed and am on my way to the salon) )

After (having just come from the laundromat, after the girl from the salon put that snazzy green eyeshadow on me )

The degree to which I look like my mother now is amazing. Not sure what I think of that yet.


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