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Jan. 15th, 2006 06:23 pm
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I can't remember much about this, so it'll be sketchy. I'm hoping this resonates with someone. There's a song that's been on the radio recently (cd101). It's a female singer, and the lyrics include the phrase "wind me up." I would describe the mood and voice as "haunting."

Anyone have a clue? Searching for "Wind me up" and lyrics is getting me nowhere fast.
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Edit: My take on how hard these are, with weird, likely nonhelpful hints:
-there are two Ani Difranco songs left unidentified. One is kind of obscure, but one is more well known.
-If anyone gets 19, I will likely fall off my chair. It may help to be Canadian.
- I would put 1,3,5,6,13 and 14 into the category of "really hard because the tune is so important to these songs, but you'll kick yourself when you know."
-I would classify 5, 12 & 17 as being by fairly well-known indie singers, but not necessarily well-known songs.
-I just realized that everything on the list is sung by a woman (with the exception of Ewan helping out on #4). I did have a Radiohead song come up originally for #11, but it was instrumental. (And it would have been terribly ironic given the lyrics on #10, because it was "treefingers".)

I'm doing this ipod meme today simply because I actually remembered to bring it with me for once.

[+] hit shuffle on your iPod
[+] list lyrics for the first 20 songs that pop up
[+] cross off the lyrics as they're guessed

1. I've tried so hard and didn't show that you're my every dream.
2. Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out. [I'm soooo embarrassed this one is on there!]
3. Holding on, that's what I do since I met you.
4. Never knew, I could feel like this. Like I've never seen the sky before.
5. I sold my ring for a pickup truck, I left my feathered nest. [This may be a cover, I'm not sure.]
6. There was a little boy once upon a time ...every copper penny and clover he would find made him wish for better days.
7. Tuna rubber, little blubber in my igloo, yeah. And I knew you pigtails and all, girls when they fall.
8. It's rock, paper, scissors as to whether I will get over you at all. It's hand against hand and both hands are mine....
9. Still falling. Breathless and dumb again. Beside today. Beside me today.
10. The wind is ruthless, the trees shake angry fingers to the sky.
11. I'm red and thick like fire. Oh, I got a piece of my heart on the sole of your shoe. You've got a little bit of thunder.
12. Your lonely voice calls across the starlit coast, reaching out to be seen.
13. I drove my car in the middle of the night...the road was dark but the stars were bright....It didn't matter what my friends say, I was gonna see you anyway.
14. I wish I want to stay here. I wish this be enough. I wish I only love you.
15. I opened a bank account when I was nine years old I closed it when I was 18 I gave them every penny that I'd saved and they gave my blood and my urine a number.
16. And they came to the river, and they came from the road. And he wanted a son just to call his own. And they walked on the dirt and they walked from the road.
17. Oh I do believe, in all the things you see. What comes is better, than what came before. And you better, come come come come to me. [this is a cover, and I've no idea who did it originally]
18. ...all the way to New York. I can feel the distance getting close. You're right next to me, but I need an airplane.
19. This is, I am so beautiful and fierce. This is violence and holy words.
20. You go on ahead honey, you have a good time there. You make me feel funny, I'm no ordinary lover or friend.
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Wil Wheaton's post on Live Aid has just fully expressed how silly it feels to explain an 80s childhood to someone significantly younger than me. Hilarious!
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I was at work until 9:30 this evening. Why can't people find my code defects during the actual workday? I left once two of the developers actually put a Jethro Tull CD on!!! When another guy asked me to explain who Jethro Tull even was, I knew I needed to get out of there.

Went out after work with STS, B, M & TK. BestFriend joined us later and we ran into BoyWonder and R, who I haven't seen in months, and who is a changed man since his recent Prince Albert. Wow. We ended up at Skully's. The music was better than usual--they played the KLF into Deee-lite! And I love dancing with STS, so we had a blast. For some reason, if I'm dancing with women, I can't really dance without wondering what's going on around me, but STS and I just don't care. I couldn't find him when I left because I'd gone out for air and the dance floor was packed when I came back in.

I think I truly offended TK with my disparaging comments about The Cult. He seriously got up from the table for a while. But then again, half the bar came out onto the patio when that started playing, so I think I was ultimately vindicated.

Now I'm going to take a bubble bath with Devil Duckie. Hooray.
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Wow. The Tori show was tonight. I totally forgive her for the mediocre concert earlier this year now. She played Tombigbee!!!! And now I've got a major earworm of it, and my only copy is at work (it was a web-only song) so I can't hear it to get rid of it.

Things only Tori fans will care about )
You would think it wouldn't be hard to give away a free Tori ticket for center pavilion seats. However, you'd be wrong. BestFriend announced this morning that she couldn't go (still don't know why) and that BoyWonder and I were to dispose of the ticket. So we set about doing so. By lunchtime, I decided to come home and get it, just in case I needed to give it to anyone at work (I think I'm going to start going home for lunch more often.) By 6 pm, I had no takers, nor did BW. By 7 pm, I'm waiting for him outside the show, and chatting with all the scalpers (excuse me, "licensed ticket brokers"). So I sold the ticket, just to try to recoup some cash for BF.

Then, the guy who bought the ticket came in. We shall refer to him henceforth as Little Drummer Boy. There is a huge faction of Tori fans who are far more obsessed than even I. And he was the worst of the worst. This man had *no* social skills at all. In an almost scary way. I chatted with him for a few minutes, then got sick of playing I'm-a-bigger-fan-than-you, so BW and I went off to find other people we knew. We came back right before the show, and then were treated to his air-drumming and air-piano for the rest of the show. Sigh. I suppose it's better than the people on their cell phones behind us.

Right now I'm ending this -- my right wrist has been bugging me in a big way since this morning, and I emailed my dr. for a celebrex refill and she says I have to come in. And I forgot to bring my braces home from work to sleep in. So I need to rest it now, or else I'm not going to be very useful at work tomorrow.
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So, BestFriend and I went last Saturday night to see Concrete Blonde at the Newport. I had a whole post in my head, mostly about the odd concept of the nostalgia concert (this was the first show I've been too in a long long time where I haven't been the oldest one there), but have since gotten busy with schoolwork, so a few observations will have to suffice:

1. Johnette Napolitano seemed to be channeling Stevie Nicks. Long Dress, long hair, spinning around, long scarf. Had just missing the tambourine and ribbons for a bass.

2. The men in front of us seemed to be re-living major moments of their youth-hoods, as originally lived out to the _bloodletting_ album. This was demonstrated via a propensity to high-five each other whenever a song started and they recognized it (which at several points prompted BF to lean over and say, "Dude, I got laid to this song" in imitation).

3. People will manage to squeeze into the denim jackets they wore "when the first album came out" no matter what.

4. No matter how good a show is (and this one was amazing) you will overhear at least one person making a disparaging comment. In this case, a middle-aged man remarking to his wife (who had her elbow in my spine) that "I don't feel I've gotten a good value for my concert dollar tonight"). This was after about the 3rd song.

5. Johnette Napolitano gleefully covering the Rolling Stones kicks ass.

6. I have finally almost cried at a rock concert. "Tomorrow Wendy" was their second encore, at the request of the crowd, and she told the story before she sang it. Wow.


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