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I'm really pissed off. Someone in the endocrinologist's office called me yesterday with my Vitamin D test results. Of course, she didn't leave the results on my cell phone, and I can't get reception on it in the office. And she didn't call my office phone. So I called her back 5 minutes after she called. They said she'd gone to lunch, and would have her call me back. At 4 pm, I still didn't have a call, so I called again. Here's how that went:

Bitchy receptionist: She's gone for the day.
Me: Is there anyone else who could give me those results.
BR: She's gone for the day.
Me: I'm sorry, is there anyone else who could give me the results.
BR: Please hold.

So then I ended up on hold with a ringing phone for another five minutes before I hung up.

I called back this morning. I got put on hold three times. The phone would go dead for about 3 minutes, then would ring me back to the main receptionist. The third time when she asked me to hold, I said "I've been on hold for 10 minutes." I told her who I needed to speak with and indicated I needed the results before my doctor's appt today and that I'd been calling since yesterday. She took down my info and said she'd pass a message "back to the back." Great. That gives me utter confidence that I'll hear back in about a year.

What. the. hell. This is the same doctor who pissed me off by starting to talk about egg donation after she diagnosed me and argued with me when I said I didn't particularly want kids. And the same office that failed to get my records to the doctor they referred me to despite having three weeks to do so. I have not been impressed. I realize they are busy, but I don't particularly like being given the run around like this with information about my body!!!
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I have almost no voice right now. Yesterday, it was in the realm of permanent "sexy radio voice." Right now, it's like a frog who can't get air through his vocal cords. Yay. I feel okay, just no voice.

So what do I do. I cook.

Right now I have my banana bread in the oven, loosely based on the recipe from the first Vegetarian Times cookbook. Every time I make it, I substitute different ingredients. It's very forgiving.

And on top of the stove, Punjabi Style Cauliflower and Potatoes with Ginger from Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian. It smells and looks divine, but I have made a royal mess of the kitchen, what with all the shallow oil frying. It's going to be yummy though. Too bad no one else is home to help me enjoy it!

Hopefully the fresh ginger will help me get better. And the cilantro. Yay cilantro!!

Off to eat!
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OK, now I've got dizziness that's been coming and going for the last 2 hours. What's up with that. I think I might need caffeine.

I thought I'd have people calling me Mrs. Robinson--maybe they'll call me Lucille 2 instead.
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I have done something bad to my right foot. I don't know how.

Tuesday night, I went to see Neko Case play at Little Brothers. [livejournal.com profile] automat76 and I walked down to Skully's for sustenance first, then saw the show (which was kickass as expected). Then we wandered back, with [livejournal.com profile] yerpretty and a non-lj person in tow, and went to Press Grille. It was during this walk that I noticed my foot hurt, though I attributed it to standing too long, in shoes that I should have known were not comfy for standing (flat flat flat slip on Mary Janes).

After trucking on home, my right foot hurt. I had a hard time going up the stairs. I rubbed it, and fell asleep.

Yesterday morning, woke up and it was killing me. The weird thing is, it's fine when I'm not standing on it. I can rub my foot and push on it, and it feels completely normal, but when I'm walking, whenever I put my weight on my right foot, there's this odd muscular pain and aching from the ball of my foot clear up into my toe. It almost feels, odd as this sounds, as if a tendon is not where it should be. Is that even possible?

I wasn't even wearing stupid tall shoes when I did this. They were flats!! I haven't worn heels in over a week!
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I'm not sick, but for some reason, my sinuses have been causing me pain for about a week now. I've never had allergies or sinus problems before, but they are annoying the crap out of me right now. I can feel things moving around in there!

That's what I get for saying, "I'm so used to migraines, I'm not sure I'd notice other headaches." That'll teach me to tempt fate.
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Good lord, I've been grinding my teeth something awful this week. I'm trying to wean myself off of my rampant gum addiction (why, oh why did Orbit create Bubblemint????) but even with that, it's been bad. I am actually concerned that some of my larger fillings could crack because of the pressure I'm exerting. I'm also concerned that I'm going to end up with a manly muscular jaw.

I'm having sinus pain this week too. That's completely abnormal. I've joked that I don't realize when I have a "normal" headache because I'm so used to migraines. Not this week. Sinus-a-rama.

I think all my old maladies are returning (wrist, jaw, etc.) since I got off the pill. Makes no sense, and I know it's just coincidence, but still.

To slumber now.
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Migraines suck. I went off of the pill over a month ago. I really do think my incredible depression this winter was largely attributable to it, seeing as how a.) this has happened to me before on a different pill and b.) 95% of it went away since I've been off of it, yet it's still grey and yucky outside. However, the headaches have ratcheted up with that. I need to start keeping better track. Last week I had one, then I had another yesterday that was a killer. My caffeine consumption has also gotten higher (damn you, pepsi itunes promotion!) so I need to get that under control.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] kismet09! I got the yarn package Saturday right before I went to my stitch and bitch. I have some uses for some of it planned already. Strangely, I have pink loopy stuff just like that bright blue you sent me, so I may make some wild thing out of that. I think the mohair has a project picked out already too!

Got one more square of my sister's wedding afghan done yesterday, and finished mom's birthday hat at the Stitch n' Bitch Saturday. So all was productive. Had I not gotten the headache and gone straight to bed last night, I would have made further progress on Sitcom Chic as well. Photos in the knitting blog after work.

I saw Million Dollar Baby on Thursday. A good movie, but not sure it should have been best picture. I thought Finding Neverland was better. But it did a good job of avoiding the overly sentimental treatment of drama that so many big Hollywood productions do, so I am happy at least with that. We also got a chance to see some of the shorts that were nominated. The live action short which won, Wasp was really heart wrenching and hard to watch. My friend B. and I were covering our eyes during the scene where everything changed, in that way that you normally do when it's threat of gore or blood on screen, but there was none of that. Just a really misguided, overwrought single mom who didn't quite have her head on straight.

The animated films were ok, but the one that really stood out was the winner of the student academy award, Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher. Put all the "pro" animators to shame when it came to actual production values and storyline. Someone remind me again why I didn't go to NYU when I got in?? (oh yeah...the $170,000 price tag for a PhD. That would be why.)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled work week, where we are still covering for our understaffed consultant group. Sigh....
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Crap. I woke up with a very very very mild migraine. Popped excedrin all day like candy, and kept it mostly under control, but I think I overcaffeinated this afternoon and now it's increasing.

I think it will be a hot bath, then bed for me this evening. I hope this means I won't get a headache this weekend.


Sep. 8th, 2003 07:08 pm
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I had a piece of paper in the car with me this weekend (actually the sound instructions from the drive-in last weekend) and I scribbled all kinds of stuff on it to remember for stories and such. In no particular order:

Get a CD player in your car. The radio north of Columbus sucks. I finally heard "Magic Stick" though. Ick. It was so bad, that I was thrilled when a J. Lo song came on because I knew the words. Thank you, Union Station.

Random scary snippet from the Christian Rock station as I was scanning stations: "I am a soldier in the Army of the Lord." Uh, yeah.

Studio360--I need to petition the local NPR affiliate to carry this show. Both times I've driven to Cleveland this year, I've caught this show, and loved it. I think it's a little better than This American Life.

Tidbits from today:

Driving home from work, saw a tow-truck with "I love you!" written in lipstick on the driver's side mirror.

Calling to activate a credit card, the automated voice used the phrase "Personalized PIN" after explaining that PIN means "Personalized Identification Number." Um, OK. That's even more bizarre than "PIN Number" I think.

I need to start typing in my little conversational tidbits too from this story idea that's in my head. I want to write the non-saccharine romantic comedy. I have no idea why.

The doc gave me a scrip for Vioxx today to replace the Celebrex that did not make my stomach happy. We'll see how this works. I have to fill it via mail order, so I won't have it for a couple of days yet. I also decided not to even mess with the Imitrex tabs anymore, because they do nothing, so I just went with the icky tasting nasal spray. At least it works!!!
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Woke up this morning, and the headache is still here. Even after the bath and Imitrex last night. I just took a couple of Excedrin and they're helping a little. I also realized I've been through half a bottle of Excedrin in the past two weeks. That used to be normal (a couple of years ago) but hasn't been lately. That's very odd.

I'm also scratching myself to death. I've got bug bites all over my ankles and feet. I can't figure out where I got them, but I have the sneaking suspicion there's a bug in my house. Grrrrrr....

At Target yesterday, I picked up some hair dye. I've officially gotten the obsession again. Must make hair red! It's a slightly different color from what I used to do (which was a very unnatural, dark dark burgandy) but it's still plenty red. My hairdresser is going to kill me when I go in to get my trim on Saturday, but I can't afford to have her do it for me. I'm plenty vain, but $125 is just too much to spend on hair in my book. Maybe she'll give me a freebie if I whine. I've been going to her for 5 years and through 2 salons now. Wow.

Work is slow, but should be picking up. Unfortunately, that's because I just found out one of the consultants who does the same type of stuff I do is leaving the project. I hope that doesn't mean she got laid off. So after this week, we'll be down to 3 women and ~25 men over here.

I'm starving. And it's not even noon. I've been an eating machine lately during the day, then have had no appetite at night until I'm ready to go to bed. Maybe my blood sugar's wacky and causing the headaches. Oh, look at me grasping at straws now.

I told t. a couple weeks ago that I never dream about teeth. And then last night I had a weird dream about some bizarre dentist. I was getting my wisdom teeth out (I've already been through that twice in real life) and the dentist showed me my teeth in a mirror and told me he was going to have to do a general anesthetic because I had some wacky fang thing coming out from under one of my molars. But, he kept trying to tell me not to do it, because the anesthetic would probably give me arthritis. What?! Then he enlisted my mom, who was in the waiting room to come in and argue with me because I was insisting on having the surgery anyway (the fang was freaking me out.) Odd.

Alright, I'm going to go organize my college homecoming hotel and stuff (5 year reunion already?!) and find out who is coming with me and who isn't. I also need to email the radio station manager to see if there are alumni slots left for the 50th anniversary. I want to resurrect the ChickRock hours so badly! We stay at this swanky hotel every year and act obnoxious, but not nearly so obnoxious as the frat boys reclaiming their lost youth. Should be fun. Will have to find out if the people I actually hung out with in college are going to be there, and I should probably send D. a message by then so that it's not horribly awkward if I see him there.
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I am beginning to wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me. I am now in a full-blown migraine attack -- the third nasty one this week, and it came out of nowhere. The droopy eye feeling and everything. And it's on the *left* side of my head, which is really weird for me. EEEG! And nausea. I know I won't throw up (at least I never have) so I'm force-feeding myself, but...ugh.

So, I'm at BestFriend's doing my laundry (she is out with STS) and I'm trying desperately to keep myself occupied until the last load dries. Her house smells like Febreeze, so it's not helping any with the head.

There is no way in hell I am dying my hair tonight, like I'd planned. When I get home, it's drugs, hot bath, tea and bed, in that order.
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I'm so thrilled with myself right now. Not only did I get the sink unclogged, but I'm ripping through the dirty dishes like nobody's business. If I get the garage sale stuff unloaded from the car today too, I think the whole planet may actually explode. So maybe I shouldn't risk it.

I did give myself a crappy errand to run, and it means going back to Easton again. Grrr...I bought this lip gloss that I love (Stila) but the color is atrocious! It's called "plum shine" which I thought was going to be this delightful sheer purplish color. But no. It's more of an "Amy trying to be goth circa 1992" color. Not my look right now. So that's going to get returned.

I decided to let myself sleep in as long as I wanted this morning. BestFriend came over last night to drop off a couple of pounds of tomatoes, and we ended up drinking tea and chatting for a while, so I didn't get to bed as early as I'd intended. But this morning, I was awakened at 9:30 by the phone. It was STS. I didn't pick it up, but when I finally got out of bed (after noon....oops!) and checked the voicemail, it was him calling for outfit advice regarding what he should wear to walk down the red carpet at the Emmy's. For real. I just talked to him a little bit ago, and it seems he and I. bid on an all-expenses paid trip to the Emmy's in a charity auction at some party last night and they won, so they are going. How weird. They also adopted two puppies at the event, bringing their dog total to 4. One Rottweiler, one mixed breed with the tail from hell, and 2 Labrador/Irish Setter mixes. They're making it harder and harder for me to come over to visit, I swear.

I'm working on yet another migraine right now. I should have taken some medicine a while ago, but decided to attack it with caffeine instead. When will I learn that this rarely ever works? Yuck. In other ailment news, my entire body seems to be covered with bruises, including an awful one on my left elbow that makes leaning on it painful. I have no idea how I got them. This happens every so often to me, but I have no clue why. Guess I'll have to go to WebMD to diagnose myself with some new disease. I'm such a hypochondriac.

It's off to do the laundry now, so that I actually have something normal looking to wear to work tomorrow. Though I did get this kick ass peasant skirt at TJ Maxx yesterday for $6.00. I had tried it on last year at Express, but didn't want to spend $60.00 on something so froufy looking. For $6.00 I couldn't pass it up though. So tomorrow will be a girly day. I should take bets on how long it takes one of the programmers to say, "Hey, you're dressed up today!" since that happens every single time I wear a skirt, even if I'm wearing it with a T-shirt and sneakers.

I will probably have fun laundromat stories to tell once I get back. Joy.
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OK. I've been writing this stuff at work because I'm bored and then waiting to post it until I get home because I'm afraid they'll see what I'm doing. Grrr....

Anyway. I've decided the whole using a pill to skip a period thing was not the greatest idea ever. I've had one level 8 migraine, a smaller one that I was able to head off and I'm working on a third right now. And I'm getting all those PMS symptoms that I've been lucky to miss for most of my life. Earlier this week, my breasts were enormous and painful. I mean like frickin' huge (Boywonder said he did not notice last night but I am not certain he's the best judge.) Not fun. And now I've got cramps and what I like to refer to as "wacky head." As in, I feel totally unable to interact with other people, and then when I do I overanalyze every word and gesture of a conversation. Turn it off, turn it off!!

My libido is out of control too. And who was it who was complaining about a lack of drive a few months ago? I should watch what I wish for.

The libido thing is definitely evident from the haikus that S, E, BestFriend and I have been writing regarding our plan to invite Rodney Yee to dinner. Examples here. )

Tonight will finally be the night I get some domestic chores done. I will hopefully find my film cartridges so I can go get the enlargements of my photos from Kripalu in February done. (Someday I will also scan and post these -- I got some pretty good shots.) I'm also meeting the girls at B's house to stuff her wedding invitations. I think I'm the only one who thinks this sounds fun though, so it may be a tense evening.

Tomorrow's a free ballet performance on the riverfront. I know B&J will be interested, but I'm wondering who else I can drag along. I'm hoping for a low-key not-too-late Friday night, so that the weekend can actually be productive.
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Wow. The Tori show was tonight. I totally forgive her for the mediocre concert earlier this year now. She played Tombigbee!!!! And now I've got a major earworm of it, and my only copy is at work (it was a web-only song) so I can't hear it to get rid of it.

Things only Tori fans will care about )
You would think it wouldn't be hard to give away a free Tori ticket for center pavilion seats. However, you'd be wrong. BestFriend announced this morning that she couldn't go (still don't know why) and that BoyWonder and I were to dispose of the ticket. So we set about doing so. By lunchtime, I decided to come home and get it, just in case I needed to give it to anyone at work (I think I'm going to start going home for lunch more often.) By 6 pm, I had no takers, nor did BW. By 7 pm, I'm waiting for him outside the show, and chatting with all the scalpers (excuse me, "licensed ticket brokers"). So I sold the ticket, just to try to recoup some cash for BF.

Then, the guy who bought the ticket came in. We shall refer to him henceforth as Little Drummer Boy. There is a huge faction of Tori fans who are far more obsessed than even I. And he was the worst of the worst. This man had *no* social skills at all. In an almost scary way. I chatted with him for a few minutes, then got sick of playing I'm-a-bigger-fan-than-you, so BW and I went off to find other people we knew. We came back right before the show, and then were treated to his air-drumming and air-piano for the rest of the show. Sigh. I suppose it's better than the people on their cell phones behind us.

Right now I'm ending this -- my right wrist has been bugging me in a big way since this morning, and I emailed my dr. for a celebrex refill and she says I have to come in. And I forgot to bring my braces home from work to sleep in. So I need to rest it now, or else I'm not going to be very useful at work tomorrow.
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Why of why did my neighbors decide to start erecting a tent prior to 8 am this morning? Doesn't help that these are the neighbors who let their dog run loose on our patio and don't clean up after it. That's a big strike already.

When I was little, my mom used to change my hairstyle if I was misbehaving in an effort to change my attitude. I tried that today by dressing in super froufy fun clothes. But now I feel frumpy because it's so dismal outside and I'm in here in the cold with my big hooded sweater on over everything.

If it clears up by lunch I'm going to walk down to the mall and get sushi for lunch. Yes, it's mall sushi, but the wasabi makes me happy.

Here's hoping that finishing up my math class tonight changes my outlook a bit. I've been grumpy this week.
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This has been an odd weekend. No homework, because next week is the week between trimesters at Franklin, before I get to start my summer session with not 1 but 2 classes--Java and Discrete Math. The math is on online course, so I think it'll be ok, but I was warned that the full-time workers usually do things one class at a time. I'm impatient though. My plan is to do this for this trimester, then in the Fall, do the next programming class and test out of the presentational software, access and WWW design courses. That way I'll have credit for almost a full-time load at the end of this year. I'm crafty like that.

Friday night, I went to Mary's yoga class and that was fun. Afterward BestFriend, Boy Wonder and I had yummy veg food at Whole World, then went back to BF's house to watch DVDs (she just got a player). We watched Dr. Strangelove. I had no idea how apropos to the current situation in the world that would be. We enjoyed it, then both BW and I crashed there for the night.

I ended up going home in late morning, only to spend the whole day in bed with a killer headache. Then BF had people over on her back porch last night. Our friend M got engaged last weekend to her boyfriend of 5 years. Well, this week it got called off and she is now moving out. She's ok, but we all sat around and had girl talk, which was good. I did my laundry while we were there too.

So today is Easter and I have to drive to Chillicothe to my aunt's house. Not a fun drive, especially for someone like me who hates to drive. I will have to find my discman and speakers to take with me in the car.

We are interviewing people for the second web job like my current one this week. I hope the user interface job that is probably going to be mine in the IT department posts this week. That way, when I leave, I can tell the boss to just hire her first and second choices out of the batch we're interviewing now, and all will be smooth. Hopefully that will delay the power trip she WILL try with me later. Fun.

Must go find my easter dress now and eat some more yogurt (this webMD thing has me od'ing on calcium.) I lost what looked like 5# this week, but most of that is probably water. Just a shaving off on the inches too, which is what I'm really more worried about. I pulled out the summer clothes last night and tried to wear my short jeans from last year, but there was no way they were zipping. All I ask is to fit in what I already own!!! :-)

I'm back

Apr. 14th, 2003 10:24 pm
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Wow. It's been ages since I've written anything here. Rather than blather on with my whole recap of the last few months, I'll just do the last few days.

I started a weight loss/fitness program this weekend--signed up with WebMD for their plan. It's kind of a racket I guess (maybe) but it will make me write down what I'm eating/how I'm exercising and will hopefully make me stick to it. It's too hard with being in school and working full time for me to mentally track what I'm eating--which became apparant when I filled out the initial profile. Plus, after having my doctor mention how hard it is to change your body after 30, I figured I'd better do something before I got too clsoe to that number. Plus, I want my yoga muscles back. :-)

I'm getting ready to (hopefully) switch jobs. I am a bit scared (will be moving to the IT dept) but the comm department has gotten steadily worse and worse, so I think it's this or leave the company all together--which I am NOT ready for. I like the people I'll be working with, and I will be keepign the parts of my job that I like (usability, interface design) so it should be good. I'm just a bit nervous about the overtime committment a lot of the IT'ers seem to make.

In other news, I took my first programming final this evening in C++--I'm pretty sure I got an A, which keeps my average at a 4.0 on this degree. Woo-hoo!!! Now, next trimester's challenge will be making sure 2 classes, one of which is Java, doesn't change that too much.

Off to check to see if the new spiffy work laptop is playing nicely with the cable modem yet.
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And I've only been up for a little while, but so far so good.

The aloe drink I have to drink every morning is a bit disconcerting. I've never actually ingested spirulina before, so I had no idea it would turn the beverage *forest green*. Yikes. Doesn't taste half bad though.

The scrub I did this morning in the shower has done more for my immediate mood than anything else on this program. Here's the recipe:

1/2 cup sea salt
1 T almond oil (I used a bit more, but wasn't measuring anyway)
5 drops Grapefruit essential oil

You put this on your skin in a circular motion, then rinse off the salt and kind of rub off the oil with a towel when you're out of the shower. I am smooth smooth smooth (even my elbows!) and happy.

Must go drink juices now-I think I'll also make some miso soup for "lunch." Oh, and call STS back and tell him I can't do lunch today because of my cleanse. He may need to talk though (his mom is sick--breast cancer probably) so perhaps I'll suggest running out for coffee/tea later.
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Okay, so I've been thinking a while about doing some sort of cleanse/fast, etc. And after reading up on the subject a bit, and talking to some friends who've done it, I started one Sunday. Today is day 3 of 14. The one I'm doing is from a book that I got from the library and involves taking lots of herbs. So far, so good, though I don't feel much different. I'm eating a vegan diet for this, and, while I've done it before off and on, I don't remember being so *hungry*. I think it's because I'm also avoiding all processed foods, so I've been skipping bread the last few days.

I keep a diet & fitness journal on webMD, not because I'm trying to lose weight, but because I'm a very strict vegetarian and want to make sure I'm getting all my vitamins, etc. (I also had a bone density test recently, and I'm at the low low low end of the baseline for 25 year olds. Not good.) It's been amazing to see how many fewer calories I'm getting this week. And I guess I'm not terribly hungry, it's more of a gnawing thought of what I can't have for this 2 week period. Of course, by the end of it, I probably won't want those things anyway.

I do notice some difference in my energy level though. It's not quite as even as I normally think it is. I have to go to bed by 10 for the cleanse, and while that would normally be quite difficult for me, it's not been that hard at all this week. And at work, I keep having this post-lunch crash. Plus, I keep having to eat lunch early due to meetings (& hunger) so I'm not sure what's causing what.

I've heard though, by the time I hit the juice fast this weekend, that I should be pretty happy & floaty. Not sure how I feel about that.
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Long day at work. Longer day waiting at the doc's office.

I went back to the doctor about my migraines because they've been worsening the past year or so. (Was diagnosed at age 14 and I'm 25 now.) I'm glad I love this doctor to death because my appointment was at 1:00 and they didn't put me in an exam room until 2:00 and then I had to wait until 3:30 for her to come in. Got to read about 6 chapters of Silas Marner though and wrote the copy for a brochure for work.

Anyway...turns out the doc has migraines too. And they're just like mine--mostly pre-menstrual. So she gave me some samples of various dosages of Imitrex (including the nasal spray) which I used to be on, but for which I had let the prescription expire. And she changed my birth control pill. I've now gone from Ortho Tri Cyclen (yuck--made me hard to deal with, even for myself) to Alesse (okay, but the doc thinks may have contributed to the migraines) to the new one, Yasmin. The potassium booster stuff I've been reading about makes it sound better to me anyway.

So now, after having such an intelligent, unrushed conversation with her (which, by the way, is the reason she's always so far behind schedule, so I'll forgive her), and finding out she's on the same mix of drugs, and having her reassure me about the unlikelihood of me having Imitrex side effects, I feel much better.

It's nice to find a doctor who respects you as a patient/owner of the body in question. I'm so glad she's young and not in danger of retirement anytime soon! I also think I may switch to her for my gyn stuff too because I'm not too thrilled with the nurse practioner I've been going too. It's an all female staff so I had originally gotten a good vibe from them (I have a serious, unexplainable anxiety about male docs) but they are so focused on baby making and a little too naively reassuring for me.

Off to do some yoga now to do my wrists some good. :-)


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